About Us

Going to restaurants and calling the food delicious is easy, but replicating the exact same thing at home can be tough. But our trials for perfect cooking never ends. In this case, we all need a reliable resource to share the drooling recipes that can make your friends go wow..and the trendiest pieces of kitchen equipment that make your job is while preserving the taste. Are we right? Then you should continue reading about Fifth Floor Restaurant.

Our Goal

Sure, there are many food-related channels, videos, and blogs all over the internet, but we found a gap in the market of delivering practical and quality content. For example, Grilling chicken is easier to learn from any video or food blog, but keeping its values, adding the exact spice compositions to retain the juiciness and enhance the taste is not too easy to show unless the content producers are very experienced in the food business. Bridging the gap between amateur cooks or cooking enthusiasts and the perfectly cooked dishes is one of our mottoes.

When we wanted to buy a grill for my garden party, we were overwhelmed with the options available on the internet and got confused with several reviews but ended up buying something that didn’t worth the money. Our second goal is to provide tried and tested feedback on the kitchen equipment to the readers, so they don’t have to lose their money and efforts as I did.

So here we are. Making a change in society to pay it back by providing quality and genuine content about food and kitchen equipment.

Our Team:

Martha Lipa, Chief editor:

Martha is a food enthusiast and a well-known food blogger. While collaborating with other bloggers, she knew that she had to be responsible for society. And that’s how the first steps towards Fifth Floor restaurant have started. And now, she’s dedicated to finding the best out of best kitchen equipment and tasty recipes to reduce the hassle of the readers.

Thomas Shah, Senior content writer:

Stephen worked in the food business for 15 years and was well-aware of the end-to-end market. He has a keen eye to find the malicious kitchen gadgets within a glance. So, he’s been one of the strong pillars to deliver truthful reviews, which is one of our main aims.

Amy Lopez, Content writer:

Amy is the youngest and most talented girl in our team. She won’t pen down until she personally tastes any food or tests any equipment that we want to feature. Well, we can’t afford to compromise on our quality, and we need perfectionists like her in our team.