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Best Beef Cuts Every Chef Should Know

While most of us enjoy having a good beef meal, we are oblivious to the best beef cuts. We may be familiar with the best cuts of steak but let’s admit that it is a little confusing when it comes to the cuts of beef.

So, while we know what we want to cook, we do not know what part to get for the best results.

For example, brisket is considered best for pit-smoking or barbecue, chuck steak is best for stews, the fillet is good for dishes like Beef Wellington, and so on and so forth. 

To help clear your confusion, here we have listed some of the popular beef cuts and how they can be paired with the right spices and ingredients to bring out a flavourful dish.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and read about some of the most popular and best beef cuts available in the market.

1: Brisket

The brisket is the cheat area between the shoulders of the cow. Rolled with excess fat and connective tissues, this cut of beef is best slow-roasted so that the fat can render to add amazing flavors to the dish. It is usually sold with bone in a whole joint.

Traditionally, it is slow-cooked in the oven just like pulled pork till the meat is tender enough to fall off the bones. It is also considered suitable for pit smoking and barbecue.

2: Chuck Steak

Chuck Steak is the meat from the shoulder area of a cow. Considered as one of the most popular and economically available cuts, the meat here is tough and needs to be properly cooked for best results.

It is also sold pre-diced for user efficiency and is best made into casseroles, stews and pies because of the high fat and connective tissue quotient. The sauces from these dishes ensure that the high cooking and tough meat do not turn dry and stays moisturised.

3: Fillet

Fillet is one of the most-popular, in-demand and expensive beef cuts that is obtained from the lower middle of the cow’s back. Since it has very little fat and very tender meat, it is mostly used in celebratory dishes. Hence, the demand. A fillet steak is usually cooked over very high heat for a very short time and is best for dishes like Beef Wellington and Chateaubriand.

4: Onglet

Onglet is the meat obtained from the lower belly of the cow and is lately gaining popularity due to it’s very meaty flavours and a rich chewy texture. Onglet is also a little tricky to cook- overcooking it may make it tough so it needs to be slow-cooked and served quite rare. Best used in smoking, it also takes to marinades really well.

5: Rib Eye Steak

Rib Eye Steak is cut from just above the rib cage which makes the meat very tender and has a very rich beefy flavour. Aside from the ribbons of fat in the entire area, this cut essentially has an eye like fat in the centre which renders down during smoking to add enriching flavours to your dish.

According to experts, this beef cut should be cooked to medium rare and served fresh.

6: Rump

Another classic beef cut is the rump which can be found in the cow exactly opposite to the fillet. It might lack a little in tenderness but it surely surpasses expectations when it comes to flavors.

It is obtained from the back area of the cow which makes it a little tough but you can fry it and serve rare or medium-rare (as per choice). Rump is best utilized in skewers or kebabs as it goes well with marinades. But you can also slice it, fry it and use it for Asian cuisines.

7: Shin

Known as one of the cheapest available beef cuts, Shin is obtained from the foreleg of a cow. Earlier, the shin was traditionally used as the ‘stewing steak’ but now the chefs have come up with new and better dishes.

If slow-braised for long enough, the shin will create incomparable delicious flavours. It also goes well in stews with a mix of sauces and ingredients.

8: Silverside

Silverside is the part of beef meat that is present just above the leg and it is called Silverside because of a sleek solver tissue present in it. It is a pretty lean cut and can be made into several dishes like- salt beef, corned beef, minute steaks or could also be roasted whole. But if you are roasting it whole, make sure that some part of it is either submerged in liquid or you could also baste it regularly to prevent drying out.

9: Sirloin Steak

Sirloin Steak is one of the most popular beef cuts and also one of the best. Present between the fillet and the rump, it has a perfect balance of tenderness and fat. It is sometimes sold as a rolled and boned joint and you could roast it whole. But if not, it should be cooked like a rib eye- slow-cooked to let the fat render slowly. If you are roasting whole, make sure there is a fat layer on top or you do regular basting to avoid drying out.

10: Skirt

Skirt is another part of beef that can be found near the onglet. And likewise onglet, this one is also tough and requires good cooking. A skirt is basically a thin steak that is skirted in a tough membrane that needs to be removed before cooking.

You can either cook it quickly in a pan or slowly in a liquid. Skirt beef cut is usually used in Mexican dishes and Cornish pasties. But you can also serve them on their own but just be sure that they are cooked properly over high heat. 

So, here are the best beef cuts that you can choose and that can add extra zing and flavours to your food. So go ahead and try one, more or all of them out.

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