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Best Cuts of Pork Meat

Do you want to smoke pork and don’t know what cut is the best? Or do you want pulled pork and can’t decide if you want loin or shoulder meat? If this has happened with you before, when you do not know which cut of pork is considered best for what dish then you definitely need to read our blog. Before understanding the cuts of pork meat, however, you also need to remember a few other points.

Before purchasing pork meat, make sure you are purchasing a range-free or organic meat. This means that the animal has been reared and bred in a healthy atmosphere. Pork imparts a great deal of proteins, vitamins, and minerals- here’s we’ll walk you through the best cuts of pork meat so you know which part goes with what dish and occasion. 

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10 Best Cuts of Pork Meat

This Video Makes It Simple To Understand. Courtesy: RadaCutlery.com

1: Shoulder

The meat from the shoulder section of pork is considered to be one of the most versatile cuts. The shoulder meat is considered great for slow cooking after it has been diced or minced. It goes especially well in stews, carnitas and pulled pork, where it can be slow-cooked till it’s tender and the meat is falling apart from the bone.

Besides, it is also great for barbecuing and smoking. You can just simply wrap the shoulder in a tin or aluminium foil and put it in the oven for 4-5 hours. The hassle-free barbecuing is also considered best for last minute dinner plans because of its delicious taste and beautiful tender meat.

2: Loin

Loin is another versatile cut of pork meat that is best for roasting along apple sauce for best flavours. It can either be roasted with or without bone, whole or shredded. You can roast it with stuffing or without it and either way, be sure to get amazing tasting pork loin.

You can keep the skin on while roasting if you like the charred and crispy skin flavour or you can also remove it as per your taste. After roasting, you can also cut chops from the loin that you can later grill or pan-roast. And furthermore, if you cut the chops and leave the fillet, you can also get T-bone loin chops.

3: Fillet

Also known as the tenderloin, the fillet is a long tender muscle that can be found on the inner side of the ribcage and is attached to the loins before it is cut. Also considered to be one of healthiest choices by the experts, the fillet is also the leanest cut.

This means you can cook it on high heat, or marinate and cook it at high heat, and you will still receive tender and juicy results. You can cook it whole or cut it into smaller round medallions or cut into lean slices for pan frying. Just make sure that you do not cook it for too long because more exposure to heat will dry out the meat.

4: Rib Chop

Chops from the ribs are considered most suited for grilling or barbecuing. A rack of rib chops when placed together is also called rib roast. You can marinate them with sage or other spices or dry rub them.  And you can either cook them in a pan or a grill or a barbecue. You can use high heat to get a crunchy coat and a gnarly crust.

5: Chump Chop

Chump Chop is one of the meaty chops that is cut from the rump of a pig. It is one of the cheapest cuts of pork meat that can be bought with or without the meat. You can either fry it, grill it, barbecue it or roast it and it will deliver beautiful flavours and texture.

6: Leg

A leg of pork is usually made whole as part of special occasions, weddings and other traditional functions. But for regular cooking, you can also chop it or slice it thinly for steaks which are also called escalopes. Some of the leg meat is also cured to make ham. It is best to cook the leg while it is still on the bone as that helps to maintain moisture and retain the juices. Pork escalopes can be pan fried, grilled or flash fried for best results.

7: Belly

If you want to go for a more tender and fattier cut of pork meat, then the belly is the best option for you. The belly meat is also used to make streak bacon. It delivers best results when slow-roasted and it is very high in fat content which means that every time you cook it, you will get a juicy, soft meat that can melt in your mouth.

Besides, it can also be fried or seared in a pan for a more crisp texture. It works well with Asian spices and herbs as well, but make sure to trim away some fat before cooking as the excess of fat can alter the flavour.

So, these are some of the best cuts of pork meat. Try a few or all of them out and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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