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Best Gas Grills Under $500- Reviews and Buying Tips

Are you finding the best grillers to enjoy your next grilling adventure? 

There are hardly any individuals who don't love grilled food. But traditional grillers give us a lot of tears while barbequing. So, forget about charcoal grilling, let's try some gas grills.

Frankly, these gas grills are much more effective and easy to handle as compared to the traditional grillers. But when we think of buying the best gas grills, we need to make a significant investment.

Surprisingly! Not now, because here we have brought the best gas grills under $500 that will make you gaga to purchase them.

Don't hold over the price because, being the review expert, we came up with twelve products after testing all the essential features and compared them with the most expensive gas grills.

We assure you that all the grillers have passed our quality test and are of the best quality. So, let's review them.

Our Top Pick

Overall best budget gas Grill- Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill

best gas grills under 500

Weber Spirit features three burners, electric ignition, Porcelain iron cast grates, flavorizer to keep flavors, foldable design, and 30,000 BTU heat for excellent grilling. Besides this, it will hook to natural gas pipelines of homes nicely. It offers excellent space for grilling, and the best thing is it is available in an affordable range.

Sr. No

Product Name


Heat Efficiency



Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill


30,000 BTU

424 sq. inche


Monument Grills 4-Burner Propane Gas grill


60,000 BTU

513 sq. inche


Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared 3-Burner Gas Grill


24,000 BTU

450 sq. inches


Fuego F21C-H Element Hinged Gas Grill


22,000 BTU

346 sq. inches


Weber Q3200 Liquid Gas Grill


21,700 BTU

393 sq. inches


Dyna-Glo 3 Burner LP Gas Grill


36,000 BTU

503 sq. inches


Camp Chef Flat Top Grill


48,000 BTU

604 sq. inches


Char-Broil Performance Cabinet Liquid Gas Grill


45000 BTU

550 sq. inches


Cuisinart CGG-059 Portable Gas Gril


8000 BTU

146 sq. inches


Royal Gourmet Event BBQ Gas Grill


104,000 BTU

950 sq. inches


Weber Spirit E-210 LP Gas Gril


26,500 BTU

450 sq. inches


Megamaster 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill


54,000 BTU

543 sq. inches

Best Gas Grills Under 500 Reviews

After reviewing all the best models, our review team selected these as the best ones. We assure you that all the products have passed all the quality tests and been reviewed by our expert team. So, let's start reviewing and select the best gas griller for you.

1. Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill

Weber 45010001 Spirit II

Weber Spirit achieves the topmost place in our review list. The foldable side design, side table, and open car system impress us the most.

It's flavorizer bars ensure that you get the excellent smoky flavor in your food. Also, the Weber is packed with ten years of warranty and gives you infinite ignition.

The grease management system allows you to prevent the layering up of greasy material over the cooking top. Two wheels at the base ensure easy moving from one place to another.

What makes us give the best place in our review list is it is Porcelain-enameled, which has iron cooking grates that stabilize all types of food on the tray. The good thing about this is its natural gas pipes that provide consistent heat.


  • Six tools hooks
  • In-built lid thermometer
  • Additional flexible hose to install in-home gas lines
  • Foldable table design


  • Slightly heavy than others
  • It doesn't hold thick steaks.

Read our detailed Weber Spirit II E-310 review.

2. Monument Grills 4-Burner Propane Gas grill

Monument Grills 4-Burner

For family gathering, it will be excellent for you. Four stainless burners and one additional burner offer maximum heat for barbequing.

We like the in-built mounted thermometer that helps to monitor the temperature of the grill. Also, the attachable rotisseries allow you to cook diverse meat at one time incredibly.

The additional swing array tray ensures additional space for cooking. Its Porcelain-coated cast grates are specially designed for even cooking. The LED lighting knob allows you to cook in the night time also.

The stainless-steel shelves and tool hook edges ensure you keep your tools in place. The most impressive thing is its electronic ignition system that gives you quick burner lightning.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Rotisserie to cook several types of meat at a time
  • Side table space for preparing food 
  • Enclosed cabinet


  • Grilling space is prone to rust
  • It is not compatible with small space outdoors.

3.  Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared 3-Burner Gas Grill

 Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 450 3-Burner Cart Gas Grill

Coming up the next in our list is Char-Broil. The infrared grilling burner ensures to supply even heat to the food.

The 450 sq. Feet is enough to cook maximum food at one time. We like its stainless steel frame that makes it sturdy enough to withstand for longer years.

The lower cabinet helps to hide the tank of propane and also ensure extra space for storage. It has an electronic ignition system that ensures quick and fast-burning constantly for years.

The optional burner provides an extra 10,000 BTU of heat for barbeque and toasting burgers. Additionally, it has Porcelain iron coated grates that are easy to clean and rust-resistant. The temperature gauge ensures it is easy to monitor the temperature easily without worrying.


  • Convenient cart design
  • Infrared cooking system
  • Three tube burners
  • Quick rolling wheels for easy motion
  • Maximum cooking space
  • Propane gas grills


  • Some users may have some issue with temperature gauge
  • Steel tray is rust prone

4.  Fuego F21C-H Element Hinged Gas Grill

Fuego F21C-H Element Hinged Gas Grill

At first sight, we got impressed with its compatible size that fits your space. The dual burner zone allows you to grill your food excellently.

Besides that, it features a quick heating system that is excellent to reach 500 degrees within 5 minutes.

Its round grilling tray is quite spacious enough to grill 15 burgers at one time. Thanks to its cast-iron grilling grate that has an additional pizza stone kit. This helps to grill anything that you wish to do.

The residual removal system helps to drip the grease directly to the tipping tray to have a clean surface. The unique design provides you ample space for grilling and barbeque.

The hinged door ensures to hide the propane tank excellently and also provides extra space to the griller.


  • Simple and sleek design for excellent fit
  • Versatile to cook a variety of food
  • Clasp door system
  • Strong and sturdy frame


  • Heat controlling system is not adequate
  • No tool installation space

5.  Weber Q3200 Liquid Gas Grill

Weber Q3200 Liquid Gas Grill

Weber, another compact grill model, provides interesting features that you find in top models. This product has two stainless steel burners that provide 21, 700 BTU heat to grill food excellently.

The removable side table provides extra space for preparing food. Quick start electronic ignition ensures excellent infinite ignition to light burners for years.

Its glass nylon frame ensures to cook meals excellently and evenly. The compact size makes it even worthier to have it for small outdoor spaces. Besides that, it is easy to assemble and that you can do it on your own too.

The cast aluminum frame keeps it rust-free and provides you durability like steel. Bottom shelves offer extra space for cooking.


  •  Two strong wheels for mobility
  • Two foldable tables for extra storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Additional warming racks


  • Heat distribution is unequal
  • Grilling tray quality is not up to expectations

6.  Dyna-Glo 3 Burner LP Gas Grill

Dyna-Glo 3 Burner LP Gas Grill

Dyna-Glo gives you excellent performance with more storage space. This features a collapsing table for extra space and storing utensils on the table.

Additionally, the built-in thermometer allows you to control the temperature of the grillers too. The electric pulses ignition allows a quick start of the griller without hassles.

Three stainless steel burners ensure excellently and even heat distribution to cook food properly. Chrome-plated control valves to ensure that everything is on your tips to control the griller.

The foldable design ensures it is easy to fit in any space and store it easily after use in any place. Meanwhile, its tool hook table allows you to store your tools efficiently.

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  • Even heat distribution throughout the grilling trays
  • String and sturdy frame
  • Ten years of ignition
  • 117 sq. feet additional space for storing food


  • The steel grilling trays are rust-prone
  • The greasing tray may or may not work properly

7.  Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

If you are finding a spacious flat top grill, then this must be excellent for you. Camp chef is two in one versatile grill and griddle. This allows you 600 sq—feet to grill maximum meat at one time.

Four stainless steel burners ensure you to give excellent 48,000 BTU heat and that is marvelous. It features two extra foldable side tables on which you can prepare your dishes for grilling.

Even if you wish to grill a tower of burgers, this gas grill is excellent. The grease management system ensures quick cleaning and prevents flare-up of grease.

Its unique flat surface ensures you an excellent grilling space for your food. Despite this, it also ensures perfect flats that are easy to clean and maintain.


  • Stationary cooking space
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Maximum ignition for years
  • Rust-free grilling trays
  • Wheels for convenient motion


  • Some may include a complaint that the grease management tray is not working properly.

8. Char-Broil Performance Cabinet Liquid Gas Grill

Char-Broil performance gas grill is well-known for its performance and durability. Five burners provide excellent heat for even cooking and grilling of food.

The 550 sq. Feet counter space provides proper space for grilling maximum food at one time. The Porcelain-coated iron grates and secondary grilling tray impresses us the most.

The stainless-steel cabinet not only ensures durability but also provides adequate space for storing the things in it. The electronic ignition offers fast lightning of the burners.

The foldable side shelves offer excellent working space for dish preparation. Heat vents help to distribute even heat in the grilling tray so that food can grill evenly. This offers a great performance under this small budget.


  • Foldable design helps to fit in small spaces
  • In-built temperature controller
  • Electronic ignition buttons
  • Dripping tray to clean the grease quickly


  • The grease management system wouldn't work well and may flare-up
  • Grommets are placed in the wrong direction

9.  Cuisinart CGG-059 Portable Gas Grill

If you have a small space, this would be great. Cuisinart CGC is extremely portable and has foldable legs.

This lightweight grill is perfect for grilling food for friends and family.  Burner provides 8000 BTU heat for even grilling and quick cooking.

Due to its compact size, you can use it anywhere in patio areas, balconies, and decks. The locking lid helps to transport the portable gas grill in any area without hassles. The ignition button ensures a quick start and is compatible with the propane tank.

This gas grill is extremely versatile and allows you to cook your favorite barbecue nations. And when we talk about its temperature range, it's marvelous. It reaches up to 600 degrees in five minutes, and that would be great for cooking and grilling.


  • Porcelain enamel iron cast grates
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Excellent heat distribution
  • Compact size and easy to clean


  • Not so spacious for huge cooking
  • Heat may drop down while cooking

10. Royal Gourmet Event BBQ Gas Grill

Royal Gourmet gas grill provides endless features in such an affordable range. Its eight burners provide excellent heat to cook food faster than ever before. The open crate grill tray surface allows you to prepare and grill the food you want.

Besides that, it has two foldable side tables of aluminum that offer additional cooking space to keep your utensils. What makes us impressed is its waterproof cover that helps to store the gas grill after use easily.

The porcelain wire iron cast grates offer maximum grilling space. The foldable integrated windscreen ensures you to grill food quickly and efficiently. Also, the stainless-steel knobs provide durability and ease in operating the grill.

Its two grease drip pans ensure to collect the oil spilling and help to prevent flare-up conditions.


  • Wheels for quick motion and stability
  • Durable frame that will last longer
  • Two separate areas for grilling
  • Locking handles


  • No temperature controlling feature
  • High heat may over grill the food and give it a burning taste

11. Weber Spirit E-210 LP Gas Grill

Weber Spirit is amongst the top list that you can buy. The six tools hooks help to access grilling tools easily. Also, the two stainless steel burners provide you 26,500 BTU heat for cooking and grilling food.

Its Porcelain-enameled cooking grates help to retain the heat excellently. What we like is its sturdy and robust frame that helps to use it last longer. Besides that, two swivel casters ensure to have great space for cooking and grilling.

The best thing is its built-in thermometer, which helps monitor the temperature and control it with ease.

When it comes to ignition, the electric igniter gives excellent spark for years. Moreover, its compact design and portable size fit small spacious backyards nicely.


  • Heavy-duty strong base
  • Stainless steel fordable side tables
  • Stainless steel grill cabinet
  • Grease management tray to prevent oil spillage
  • Easy to clean


  • No side for fuel tank
  • Assembling may give hurdles sometimes

12. Megamaster 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill

Megamaster 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill

It boasts six burners that provide 54,000 BTU heat for perfect grilling. Megamaster provides 753 inches of space for grilling the maximum amount of meat on the go. It has a cart with a tank lock that helps to store the tank excellently.

It features an in-built thermometer for controlling the temperature excellently. Besides this, it has additional foldable side tables that enhance the space for the cooking.

This grill also includes warming racks for additional cooking. The best thing is the electric ignition that helps to start the burner quickly. Also, the stainless-steel grilling tray ensures even heat distribution and perfect grilling of the food.

The porcelain enamel lid and grease management tray enhance up the worthiness of this gas grill. And the best thing is it runs on liquid propane that adds another bonus point to purchase this.


  •  Lightweight design
  • Large grilling space
  • High heating capacity burners
  • Easy to install and prevent oil tipping
  • Rustproof grilling trays


  • Large size does not fit properly to small patio and backyards
  • Assembling is not easy

Buyer’s Guide-Tips to Buy the Best Gas Grills Under 500

When we think of buying the best gas grills under 500, we think that we need to compromise with some features. But that’s not true because there are many impressive models of gas grills available on Amazon.

All you need to do is look at the essential features before heading to buy these best gas grills under 500. These features will help you to buy the best gas grills for you. So, let’s have a look at this.


Before you buy the best gas grill, pay some attention to the BTU in the product description. These BTUs denote the heating capacity of the burners and are important for grilling too.

However, keep in mind that larger BTU units are ideal for large cooking and grilling. So, when you are moving to purchase the best gas grills, then you must check these.

Ideally, the gas grills that have BTU above 10,000 are good for even grilling.

No. of Burners

The number of burners plays an essential role in providing consistent heat to the grilling surface.

  • Usually, there are three to four burners available in this budget. This is also good for grilling.
  • However, there are some models of gas grills also available that have six to eight burners.

Depending upon your needs, you can select the best one for you that fits your need and budget nicely. Before purchasing, make sure to check the number of burners, including side burners available in the product description.

Surface Area

The third most important thing to check before buying the best gas grill under $500 is surface area. It plays an essential role while cooking a large amount of food. On average, a gas grill has space around 400 sq. Inches.

This is excellent to grill even ten burgers at one time. But there are many more models available that may have some more spacious grilling space so that you can cook a considerable amount of food at one time.

However, if you wish to have a small griller, you may also have some small space griller that fits your small patio and backyards. So make sure to check the available space in the product description before buying them.

Foldable Side Tables and Shelves

Besides the surface area, it is also essential to have some additional space to manage your equipment and utensils. Some models provide you foldable side tables to manage your cooking space and use it for preparing your food for grilling.

However, getting these side shelves in this price range is quite challenging. Still, you will get some additional in some impressive models. So, before buying the best gas grill under $500, you can check these foldable tables in the product features. This will help you in purchasing the best one for you.

Grease Management Tray

While buying any one if the grills above, some may skip this feature in the gas grills. But it is essential because it helps to prevent the tipping of oil and collects all the grease material in the tray. Besides that, it also helps to avoid a flare-up condition in the gas grills.

So, make sure to check this feature in reviews and the product description before you proceed to buy these gas grills under the budget.


The versatility of the gas grill is essential to grill multiple meat and vegetables quickly at one time. And the gas griller that has a precise temperature control system must have the versatility to enjoy dual cooking at one time. Make sure to check this feature before you buy the best gas grill under $500.

Some Other Features

Having a budget product doesn’t mean to compromise with some essential features. But the best thing is you can enjoy some impressive features in this affordable range too.

Thus, before you move to buy the best product for you, check some essential features like electric ignition, in-built thermometer, additional grilling trays, wheels, stainless frame, etc.

These features enhance the functionality of the grillers and improve their durability too. However, some models are also available, which may have warming trays and tool hookers so that you can keep your essential tool on the grilling table easily.

Final Verdict- Winning Products

After reviewing all the best products, we concluded that, overall, Weber Spirit II E-310 is the best. It features many impressive points that make us pull off, considering it the best product from others. We like its compact size the most as it can fit the small size backyards perfectly.

However, despite its small size, it still offers some great features like a spacious grilling tray, grease management tray, in-built thermometer, and electric ignition. That's why it hits our budget list perfectly.

It is an excellent product as it offers many impressive features like infrared technology for excellent heating, an additional foldable table for some extra space, and convenient rolling wheels for quick and hassle-free transportation.

Besides that, it has excellent space for grilling and provides a consistent heat to grill the burgers and steak nicely.

It also offers extra hidden space to carry a liquid propane tank in it. This would also be a great option to have in such an affordable range.


Everyone loves munching on grilled food, especially when we barbecue it on our own. But the charcoal smoke makes us cry a lot. Thanks to this latest innovation of gas grills that makes grilling fun.

That's why we came up with the best gas grills under $500 that not only fit your budget but also offer you the most impressive features in such an affordable range.

We hope that the reviewed products impressed you also. Before you buy the best one, take a quick go through our top picks, best buying products, and buyers guide. This will help you in selecting the best gas grill under the budget.

So, by having these best gas grills under 500 Dollars, keep grilling and enjoying your favorite barbecue homes. Invite your friends and loved ones and start partying with them.

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