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10 of the Best Infrared Grills to Consider for Even cooking

Do you have a penchant for arranging camping trips, weekend getaways, and hangouts with friends and families?

If yes, infrared grills can be resourceful accessories, taking you one step closer to that freshly prepared grilled steak. While gas and charcoal burner grills can still be useful, an infrared grill is easy to clean and way safer as compared to the contemporaries.

Infrared grills are specifically manufactured for barbecue enthusiasts and outdoor cooking lovers. With radiation being the proposed technology, infrared grills are safer to use and do not require hot air for cooking. However, selecting the best-infrared grill can be tricky as you need to account for the size, budget, inclusion of electronic ignition technology, and other factors.

Are Infrared Grills any Good?

Before purchasing the best infrared grills, you need to understand that even infrared grills require gas to function, but they heat up at least three times faster when compared to the traditional grills. Besides a 3 minute to a 5-minute heating window, infrared technology ensures that a gas grill heats up to almost 900 degrees Fahrenheit in a heartbeat.

Besides, the best infrared grills are energy efficient and ensure that the cooked food doesn’t dry up courtesy of hot air that floats around. In addition to that, a gas grill featuring infrared technology at the helm also guarantees better flavors. Nonetheless, these utilitarian devices are easy to clean and move around at will.

However, if you are strictly looking for the best reasons to purchase an infrared grill, the following validations can give you a head-start:

  • Uniform infrared heat for even cooking experiences
  • Fast cooking
  • Minimal flares and enhanced safety standards
  • Wide-range of selections

What is the best infrared grill to buy- Our Pick?

In case you are looking to skip the rest of this discussion and quickly locate the best infrared grill in the retail arena, the Char Broil TRU 450 is the device to go with. Besides featuring a competitive price point, this budget oriented grill also makes room for a stainless steel chassis.

In addition to exceptional durability, this product from Char-Broil is also known for the lower flare-ups and even cooks.

1.  Char-Broil Performance TRU 450

Char-Broil Performance TRU 450


  • Grates are Porcelain coated
  • 450 square inches of primary cooking area
  • Rust-resistant grates
  • Useful electronic ignition system

The Performance TRU series from Char-Broil is a force to reckon with, especially when you are in the market for a cost-effective machine. Although this isn’t the most beefed up infrared grill in the market, it strikes the perfect balance between power and affordability.

Here is a gas grill that features a 3 burner system followed by a decent enough, total cooking surface area of almost 450 square inches. In terms of structural innovation, the side burner is a resourceful addition, followed by the inclusion of a warming rack. Temperature management associated with the grill is top-notch as Char-Broil emphasizes excellent searing standards to achieve cooking perfection.

Other resourceful additions include the porcelain coated firebox stand and the lid, which add to the durability of the machine. Moreover, the ignition system is a major highlight and allows you to start the 3 burner gas grill with a single push button.

Coming back to the structural innovations, the product is easy to assemble despite the company not offering crystal clear instructions out of the box. Mobility is never an issue as the unit flaunts larger wheels, assisting in seamless movement.

Expert analysis

When it comes to the ease of cleaning, this is one of the better options to invest in. However, our experts were slightly apprehensive regarding the inaccessible infrared plates, which are a bit more difficult to clean, considering the placement. Overall, this is one of the more complete infrared grills to invest in, with an eye on affordability.


  • Seamless one-touch ignition
  • Features a side-burner for additional cooking space
  • Easy to move around
  • Easy to assemble
  • Competitive pricing


  • Hard to clean infrared plates on this grill
  • Not meant for commercial cooking indulgences

2. Saber Cast 500

Saber Cast 500 grill


  • Patented cooking technology
  • Cooking area of 500 square inches
  • Enamel coated warming rack

The Saber Cast 500 is the perfect infrared grill for large-scale domestic use. In case you are looking for a feature-packed gas grill that justifies the $1000 price tag, the Saber Cast 500 is the one to consider, courtesy of the innovative burner technology and extended temperature and heat control, via a patented technology.

For starters, this is one of the best infrared grills in the market, in terms of fuel efficiency. While the Saber proprietary tech allows you to reach the highest possible temperature sans flare-ups, the fuel efficiency escalates the usability quotient significantly.

Besides, from a structural point-of-view, Saber Cast 500 flaunts a durable and rust-resistant chassis made of stainless steel. Extrapolating the durability-quotient further is the inclusion of side-shelves, infrared emitters, and all burners.

The cooking grates, associated with the same, are made of 304 ‘stainless steel’, which further justifies the price tag. Saber also brings home a side-burner featuring 18,000 BTU and justifiable heating capacity. Complementing the same is the dual-control functionality followed by the additional space for food warming, boiling, and wok cooking.

Expert analysis

When primary cooking space is concerned, the Saber Cast 500 offers 500 square inches, which is more than adequate for an entire family and even guests. What stands out though is the inclusion of an enamel-coated warming rack that offers additional storage and food warming space of 175sq inches.

Despite being a propane gas grill, Saber cuts on fuel usage by almost 30 percent. Apart from that, this is an easy grill to assemble, followed by the inclusion of halogen lights for night-outs and cooking in minimally illuminated areas.

Overall, nothing beats the Saber Cast 500 if infrared grill features, fuel-efficiency, and temperature control are taken into consideration.


  • Excellent temperature control courtesy of patented technology
  • Stand-out design
  • A durable device with high-quality and strong rivets
  • Best for night cooking
  • Supports conversion kits for using natural gas instead of propane gas


  • Middling thermometer
  • Dissipates smoke despite low flare-ups

3. Napolean Prestige 500

Napolean Prestige 500


  • Doubles down as a smoker
  • Good for searing
  • Built for sizable households and commercial usage

If you are interested in purchasing a powerful and expansive infrared grill, the Prestige 500 from Napolean is quite a reliable option to put your money on. When structural additions are concerned, you get cooking grids made of stainless steel.

Besides, Napolean also accommodates resourceful sear plates supporting vaporized drippings and retentive cooking grids for preventing any form of a flare-up. The entire grilling arrangement, courtesy of the future-proof hardware, also makes room for smoke-flavored cooking.

As far as cooking space is concerned, you get access to 500 square inches. However, it is the quality of the bake, grill, roast, smoke, and grill that pairs well with the sizable cooking surface area. The perfect insulation allows you to use the grill as a part-time smoker, whilst making room for wood chips and smoky meat.

Expert analysis

The multiple burner arrangement is quite a catch considering the synonymy with the weber grill. Besides offering a holistic outdoor experience, this grill from Napolean is also stacked in terms of features. With stainless steel burners in place followed by a dedicated sizzle zone, this is one of the best products in the market for the more innovative users.

Starting the grill is easier than ever with Napolean offering the backchannel ignition support. In addition to that, it is the 260sq inches warming rack that lends added credibility to the product. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that the Napolean Prestige 500 offers a lot of space for cooking and warming without compromising on the heat generation and retention.

If you are specifically interested in the burner strength, the Prestige 500 flaunts a rear 18,000 module, 14,000 BTU dedicated side burner and a usable rotisserie kit for roasted meats and portions. Overall, this is one of the more functional products in the market that also doubles down as a charcoal grill or an offset smoker, based on the customizability and bespoke requirements.


  • Excellent heat retention via back channel technology
  • Massive cooking surface
  • Thoughtful design, including the reversible WAVE
  • Dedicated rotisserie that can support 25 pounds of meat
  • Durable


  • Pricey
  • Porcelain-coated cast aluminum components are slightly fragile

4.  Char-Broil Signature TRU 525

Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 525 4-Burner grill


  • 4-burner grill
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates
  • Powerful side-burner

The Signature TRU 525 from Char Broil is a dependable propane gas grill in the retail arena, best suited for large families. For starters, this product comes with a 4-burner setup, with each rated at 8,000BTU. While the conglomerate is more than adequate for 10 to even 12 members, it is the powerful side-burner that deserves all the accolades. Rated at 13,000BTU, this enhancement is obviously perfect for cooking several side dishes with ease.

As far as the design is concerned, stainless steel grates are given a miss. While this disallows you to put sear marks on the cooked meat, the cast iron flexibility results in better heat retention and efficient temperature control. The infrared emitter, on the other hand, flaunts stainless steel for better longevity.

Expert analysis

When it comes to technology, this TRU-Infrared burner gas grill converts the conventional energy into infrared, perfectly realized by the stainless steel perforated sheet. What stands out is the minimal fuel usage for cooking, followed by the expansive cooking area of 725sq inches.

The electronic ignition activates the Signature TRU-Infrared burners rather quickly, cutting out any prepping time, whatsoever. However, the 443R ‘stainless steel’ burners make a lasting impression on the cook despite requiring additional maintenance.

If and when resourceful features are concerned, the Signature TRU-Infrared 525 grill perfectly leverages the burner cabinet liquid propane for cooking and allows you to convert the same to natural gas upon using a conversion kit.

Therefore, if you are interested in buying a high-efficiency cabinet liquid propane gas grill that comes with a decent primary cooking surface and even exhibits at least 200sq inches of secondary warming rack for handling food in larger quantities, this is the perfect product to purchase.


  • The surefire Ignition system is top-notch
  • Supports burner cabinet liquid propane conversion
  • Fuel-efficient grill
  • Powerful side burner
  • Lidded side with SS shelves
  • Enclosed cabinet with 4 casters


  • High maintenance grill
  • Not easy to assemble

5.  Magma 2GS Newport

Magma 2GS Newport grill


  • Portable
  • Marine-grade stainless steel
  • Glass window for viewing

There aren’t many portable, fold away infrared grills in the market that can come close to the Magma A10 918 2GS Newport in terms of features, utility, and competitive pricing. Although we did talk about the char broil 2go and the patio bistro gas grill in our previous discussions, the Magma products, especially the A10 918 2GS Newport 2, deserve a special mention courtesy of the foldable legs and smaller footprint.

Moving on, the stainless steel chassis is a pleasure to look at, whereas the drip tray and cooking grates are equally resourceful and flaunt rust-resistance. Moreover, cleaning the product is as easy as it gets courtesy of the uniform stainless steel layering. Next in line are the perfectly positioned sear plates, resulting in uniform cooking experiences.

This grill also makes room for a single burner, powerful enough courtesy of the 11,200 BTU rating. Therefore, despite the smaller form factor, the portable and small grill achieves consistent heat levels and can even reach a temperature of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using the same for camping and boat trips is easier and more productive than expected, courtesy of the stable form factor. Besides, the tempered glass viewing window is a highly resourceful feature that ensures easier food monitoring without you having to open the lid. What works best for a common user is the dynamic combustion technology, ensuring minimal prep times.

This Magma product also comes equipped with a hermetically sealed thermometer and offers a decent-enough cooking area of 162sq inches. While you get 1 1lb propane canister to work with, the infrared grill is also capable of using CNG and LPG fuel sources.

Overall, the Magma 2GS is one of the better portable propane grills to invest in, best characterized by the steady and durable chassis.


  • Maintains consistent temperature
  • Comes with a dedicated viewing window to help monitor food without lifting up the lid
  • The burner heats up in no time
  • Magma products support electronic ignition
  • Portable and easy to carry around


  • Grill generates smoke
  • No warming rack

6.  Char-Broil TRU- Patio Bistro

char broil tru patio bistro gas grill


  • Electronic ignition
  • Oversized wheels
  • Smaller grill infrared footprint

If you are in the market for a good-looking grill that flaunts an innovative structure to save space, the TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro gas grill is the best option to consider. This gas grill offers 320 square inches of cooking space, which is more than enough for a small family. Moreover, despite the intuitive layout, this grill is still an affordable catch provided you are looking for something that adheres to your budget.

The smaller footprint readily qualifies this as a compact infrared grill. Furthermore, the modern layout makes it a perfect and decorative fit for apartment balconies and smaller patios. Besides the structural innovation, it is the cooking technology that steals the show.

While the 13000-BTU burner is strictly average in terms of heat generation, it is the ability of the TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro gas grill to produce higher output with minimal fuel usage that makes all the difference. In addition to that, the electric ignition support also adds to the resourcefulness of the same.

Most importantly, the TRU-Infrared technology ensures that there are no hot or cold zones to account for, and the cooking is nothing but uniform. In terms of fuel storage support, the 20lb take for propane is a nice touch and adheres to the portability of this device. Apart from that, Char-Broil also makes room for a standalone cooking grate and a small yet resourceful warming rack for added utility.

The TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro also accommodates a metal bar, capable of holding accessories and grilling tools for more convenient usage. If these features look basic to you, this compact and aesthetically-pleasant grill can also render the meats smokier than usual, courtesy of wood chip compatibility.

Despite the TRU-Infrared grill requiring prep and preheating time, it is still a highly competitive choice for the given price bracket. Moreover, this product can be moved around with seamless ease, courtesy of the oversized wheels. Therefore, in case you are looking for an easy-to-use product where maintenance isn’t an issue, the TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro comes across as a pretty reliable propane gas grill.


  • Excellent heat output courtesy of TRU-Infrared technology
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Portable grill
  • Sizable propane tank
  • Perfect product for a small family
  • Lower cost


  • The grill paint isn’t resilient enough
  • Assembling the same can be an issue

7.  Solaire EV17A

Solaire EV17A portable grill


  • Burners rated at 14,000BTU
  • Weighs a mere 15 pounds
  • Offers 140 square inches of primary cooking space

This is a sturdy infrared grill, manufactured using resilient materials, including stainless steel and ceramics. For starters, this is also termed as the Solaire Sol EV17A everywhere portable infrared propane gas grill, best suited for camping trips and smaller families.

When it comes to feature sets, the existing burner grill boasts of the electronic ignition system, courtesy of the one-push button. The existing cooking space of 140 square inches ensures that you can place six burgers at once for cooking. What stands out is the zero flare-up claim courtesy of the V-grate setup. Furthermore, this functionality also plays a major role in amplifying and improving the flavors associated with meat cooking.

The dimensions are in sync with the portability requirements and take care of the product footprint. Besides, this propane gas grill offers 14,000BTUs of total infrared power. When it comes to other structural innovations, the 304 stainless steel chassis doesn’t leave a lot of room to complain. Moreover, this device also allows you to pair propane canisters or include charcoal fire for intensifying the existing flavors.

Expert analysis

This infrared burner grill heats up in less than three minutes and ensures that food juices are kept intact, despite being cooked at a higher temperature. Despite being a small and portable propane gas grill, there aren’t any obvious hot spots or cold spots to account for. Most importantly, this product also supports dripping inclusion and imbibes flavors faster than usual.

Overall, the Solaire Sol EV17A everywhere portable infrared propane gas grill is built-to-last and assumes even heat generation and optimal cooking temperature faster than usual.


  • Sturdy grill infrared product
  • Flaunts electronic ignition
  • Sol EV17A portable infrared propane gas grill supports an external propane tank
  • Large cooking area considering the footprint
  • Supports easy cleaning


  • Doesn’t support slow cooking
  • Learning the techniques might take some time

8.  Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable


  • Portable layout
  • Rugged structure
  • 200sq inches of cooking area

The Char- Broil Grill2Go X200 is a highly efficient, easy to use, and portable infrared grill that is best suited for camping trips and distantly located hangout places. Besides, if you are into bespoke barbecue picnics and tailgate parties, this propane gas grill offers ample firepower and cooking space of 200sq inches, capable of accommodating almost 12 burgers at once.

When structural enhancements are concerned, the tabletop layout makes it a handy and resourceful choice. Then again, the TRU design is persisted with, which in turn minimizes flare-ups and ensures proper and uniform cooking experiences. Therefore, the cooked meat retains its moisture levels despite a smaller surface area on display.

In addition to the structural perks, the Grill2Go X200 also boasts of excellent fuel efficiency. The cooking area is extremely responsive and helps you reach the highest possible gas grill temperatures without using up a lot of fuel. What works in favor of this infrared grill is the inclusion of dual latches, which make carrying easier than expected.

Expert analysis

Our experts did like the cooking performance concerning steaks and burgers but felt that delicate meat grilling leaves a lot to be desired. However, the utility of this portable grill and weightlessness, at a mere 20 pounds, take care of this minor cooking-specific loophole.

Overall, for the given price, there aren’t many devices that can match up to the Grill2Go X2000. While we did take a closer look at the existing specs sheet, it is the durable yet mobile structure that deserves all the accolades. The roadworthy infrared grill also flaunts a temperature gauge for heat monitoring and a rust-resistant firebox for enhanced longevity.


  • Extremely portable at 20 pounds
  • Zero flare-up cooking technology
  • Decent cooking area
  • Dedicated temperature gauge
  • Supports on-the-go grilling


  • Not meant for delicate cuts of meat
  • Runs hot at times
  • Cleaning might be an issue

9.  Char-Broil The Big Easy


  • Features an internal smoker area
  • Cool-touch handles
  • TRU-Infrared heating technology

The Big Easy is one of the few char-broil grills that can be used as a smoker or roaster, if and when deemed necessary. When it comes to the cooking technology in play, this product flaunts the TRU-Infrared support for uniform heat generation and zero flare-ups. Besides, the advanced cookware module guarantees that that infrared grill works just fine even without oil or charcoal intervention.

Uniform heating is encouraged, which in turn keeps the meat portions juicier than usual. As far as structural inclusions are concerned, the stainless steel-clad, premium cooking grades offer 180sq inches of space. Moreover, the integrated smoker box is futuristic and environment-friendly, capable of working without wood or pellets.

Furthermore, the cooking range of 9000BTU to the highest point, i.e., 18,000BTU, accounts for a wide range of cooking modes. Moreover, working on the device is exceedingly simple courtesy of the cool-touch, heat-resistant handles included with the chassis. Other structural innovations include the porcelain coated grill hood followed by double stack support for cooking almost 25 pounds of meat in one go.

To sum it up, this infrared grill might be an odd-shaped, TRU-Infrared product, but it offers several cooking resources to an average user, without exceeding the budget.


  • Doubles down as roaster
  • Excellent temperature range
  • The grilling grate is big enough for a small family
  • Comes with an internal smoker section
  • Boasts of the TRU-Infrared functionality


  • Hard to assemble
  • Includes several soft bolts

10.  Philips Smokeless HD6371/94


  • Efficient plug-and-play grill
  • Smaller dimensions
  • Comes with an extended warranty

The Smokeless HD6371/94 from Philips should be your go-to indoor grill courtesy of the smokeless operations, restricted dimensions, and seamless heat generation. For starters, this grill gives out a decent heat generation rating, with the highest access point being 446 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides, there are two Heat settings to rely on, one for cooking and the other for keeping the meats warm.

As the dimensions are restricted, you do not get a massive cooking area to work with. However, the total cooking space is plenty adequate for a small family or a group of friends out on camping trips. The Smokeless HD6371/94 from Philips is the best infrared grill in the market if you want the food to have grill marks all around.

Moreover, the grill surface doesn’t require a bit of prep time and warms up to perfection at around the 6-minute mark. However, for light cooking, even 1 minute is more than sufficient.

Expert analysis

The non-stick surface grills infrared compatible foot items quicker than ever. However, if you are indulged in infrared cooking, consider using lean cuts instead of fatty portions, which in turn results in a lot of smoke generation. Furthermore, the Smokeless HD6371/94 comes equipped with reflectors for uniform cooking and even grilling experiences.

The advanced technology concerning the infrared concept results in even heat distribution and generation. In addition to the mentioned perks, this everywhere propane free grill also comes with a resourceful drip tray, which in turn simplifies the cleaning process.

Overall, if you seek a gourmet series grill with button ignition support, the Smokeless HD6371/94 from Philips is a commendable option.


  • Supports ideal temperature levels
  • Smokeless operation
  • Even and uniform heat generation
  • Oil-free cooking experience
  • Good enough choice for getting searing marks


  • Bright light restricts vision
  • No side burner in play

How an Infrared Grill Works?

Gas-powered grills with built-in infrared elements qualify as infrared grills. The infrared element stacked between flame and grates ensures the initial bout of heat generated by the gas-based functionality eventually prepares the infrared element for radiation. Therefore, if you are into outdoor cooking, infrared grills are the possible choices to go with.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing an Infrared grill

Cooking on an infrared gas grill requires experience. Therefore, before purchasing, you need to keep a few factors in mind, including:


You need to ensure that the grill is strong enough, especially when the hinge, seal, and the latch are concerned. As the device can get heated up to significant temperature, every physical aspect must be monitored in real-time before making the purchase.

Fuel Inclusion

If you prefer adding a smokey flavor to the cooked food, check whether the infrared grill allows for the inclusion of wood chips. However, wood chips alone wouldn’t make a difference if the ventilation is questionable, and the combustion doesn’t yield blue flames, thereby signifying uniform cooking.

Type of Cook

As a rule of thumb, gas grills must only be used extensively for cooking meat. As the temperature outreach is expectantly high, the likes of vegetables and fish might burn down if you aren’t an experienced grill handler.


Q1. Which is a better infrared or gas grill?

A1. The best infrared grill offers plenty of nifty enhancements when compared to a standard gas grill. As per user review, infrared solutions are fuel-efficient and last longer than gas grills. Besides, the total cooking area is higher, and you can select options that fit into your budget. When longevity is concerned, an infrared grill lasts for a few additional years as compared to the gas-fueled counterpart.

If you are looking at the more technical distinctions, infrared grills result in even heat distribution compared to gas grills that rely on hot air for getting the job done. An infrared unit is also capable of putting sear marks on food, courtesy of resourceful grates. Furthermore, cleaning them is also easier, considering the employed cooking techniques.

Q2. Why are Infrared Grills better?

A2. An infrared grilling unit is a better cooking choice due to the even temperature and heat generation. Besides, the preheating is way faster, which allows you to prep the food beforehand, precisely to achieve a better taste. Moreover, most infrared grills do not encounter issues related to flare-ups. Last but not least, every user review signifies that these grills are energy efficient and easy to clean courtesy of the drip tray in play.


While our experts did review 10 of the best-infrared grill selections, the final choice depends on your preference, budget, amazon availability, and type of grates, availability of warming tray, cooking area, and portability. Amid the plethora of choices, the Char-Broil TRU-Infrared 450 takes the cake, striking the perfect balance between each of the mentioned traits while ensuring zero flare-ups. 

Besides, this easy to use device for infrared cooking is closely competed by the likes of Philips Smokeless indoor grill, The Big Easy from Char-Broil, and the innovative Magma A10 918 2GS with support for electronic ignition.

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