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Best Offset Smokers in 2022- Cooking Space, Controls, and other Traits Analyzed

We have carefully selected a few offset smokers after testing the technology, surface area, learning curve, physical specs or build quality, temperature control, and more. So read along to find out which one is best for you.

Purchasing an offset smoker is probably the best decision you can make before the fall arrives. In case you are interested in barbecues and slow-cooked meat, nothing beats the efficacy of a smoker.

Besides, an offset smoker takes care of your home-bound camping requirements by projecting the perfect ambiance of laughter, relaxation, and, obviously, mouth-watering racks.

Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Vertical Offset Smoker

If you want to lay hands on the most innovative and competitively priced offset smoker in the retail space, consider going with the Dyna-Glo offset smoker. This device, best known for producing some of the most flavored, well-cooked, and adequately smoked meat, is strategically designed. Besides, the exceptional ventilation ensures cleaner smokes with minimal carbon settlement.

While we shall be discussing more about the Dyna-Glo in detail, what stands out at the first glance is the intelligent design on display.

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More about Offset Smokers

You must have come across grills that cook food in a more conventional manner. Better termed as pellet grills or even pellet smokers based on functionality, these entities cook food faster than an offset smoker.

However, quick isn’t always good as grills fail to render additional flavors to the briskets. Grills cook at a higher temperature and fail to take advantage of meat moistness to impart certain flavors to the racks.

In comparison, offset smokers work at a lower temperature and ensure that the flavor of the smoke penetrates the racks, ribs, and other meat variants.

The flavor, emanating out of charcoal or wood, is what makes the offset smokers special. You can also cook almost anything in them, including pork ribs, bigger chunks of meat, pork butts, and briskets. The dual-chamber structure is what determines the process, with the one section dedicated to meat placement, whereas the other is a devoted firebox.

Top 10 Offset Smokers Detailed Reviews 

1. Dyna-Glo Vertical Offset Smoker


  • Cumulative cooking space of 1382 square inches
  • Oversized wheels
  • Chrome-plated cooking grates

If you are hard-pressed for cooking space, the Dyna Glo Signature series offset smoker is probably the best offset smoker right now. While we did take a closer look at horizontal offsets, this vertical smoker is one of the better options we came across, considering the sturdiness of form, massive capacity, and high heat tolerance.

Coming to the aesthetics, this smoker flaunts heavy gauge steel, known for withstanding inclement working conditions.

However, it is the 1098 square inches dual-chamber cooking capacity that steals the show. Paired along are 5 removable and rust-resistant racks, giving ample space if you want to cook several pieces of meat at once.

Heat control is intuitive and easy to manage courtesy of the heavy-duty design. This structural innovation ensures uniform cooking, albeit with a bit of smoke leakage.

If we were to weigh in on the pros and cons, the hits outweigh the misses, mainly due to the pre-installed hooks for accommodating sausages. This offset smoker from Dyna-Glo isn’t your conventional cooking tool but comes with almost 284sq inches of dedicated grilling space.

Then again, we were particularly impressed by the weather-proofing. Minor structural inadequacies make way for heat dissipation, which is still quite controllable. What piques our interest is the chrome-plated arrangement concerning cooking grates.

Another desirable attribute is the smoke control mechanism, synonymous with that seen on Oklahoma Joe products. Smoke Control allows you to modify the smoking flavors, based on the requirement and supplied usage information. 

Productive structural innovations include a spring lid followed by cool-touch handles. Besides, you also get a dedicated Smoke Zone that works in tandem with Smoke Control. Nonetheless, you can carry this device along with courtesy of the oversized and extremely utilitarian wheels.

Overall, if you want to cook meat or barbeque while imparting classic smokehouse taste profiles, this is the best vertical smoker to consider.


  • Dedicated sausage hooks
  • Easy clean ash pans
  • Fuel-efficient layout
  • Massive cooking capacity
  • Takes up less space


  • Smoke leakage is disconcerting
  • A thin metal covering which allows heat dissipation

2. Oklahoma Joe Highland


  • Involves porcelain-coated conduits
  • A primary cooking spread of almost 620sq inches
  • Quality dampers in place
  • Comes with dedicated shelves

While we were tempted to feature Oklahoma joe’s Highland Smoker right atop our list, it still finds a respectable second position to boast of.

For starters, this is the perfect offset smoker if you are interested in products with heavy gauge steel. Besides adding to the durability and sturdiness of the smoker, Oklahoma Joe’s Highland also offers decent levels of control over smoking and other relevant experiences.

Moving on to the detailed analysis of the experts, the Highland is best characterized by the inclusion of adjustable dampers for better smoke and heat regulation. In addition to that, there is a strategically placed firebox to work with, which allows for fire stoking without pushing you towards lid lifting.

As mentioned previously in our offset smoker feature sets, the Highland comes loaded with a calibrated temperature gauge for helping you monitor the cooking ambiance better.

When it comes to productivity, this smoker doesn’t fall short either and starts off with the innovative cool touch handles. The intuitive addition enables you to access the smoker without having to worry about burns. Following this is the primary cooking area of 619 square inches. The secondary cooking capacity of almost 281 square inches might not look like much, but still gets the job done.

Other utilitarian attributes include front shelves allowing easier food access, durable wires, and grades for easier cleaning, no-rust guarantee, and the wagon-style rollers for seamless mobility. Besides, this is a weather-resistant product that makes barbequing easier than ever. That said, we did experience a wee bit of smoke leakage but nothing alarming whatsoever.

Therefore, if you want to smoke meats on an offset charcoal smoker Oklahoma, the Highland is a pretty good option to put your money on. Besides being the perfect total cooking tool, the easy-to-clean option makes it even more desirable. Then again, if you are looking for some added innovation regarding offset smoking and a holistic cooking experience, the Highland Reverse Flow is also up for grabs.


  • Excellent heat distribution with multiple dampers to rely on
  • Supports wood chips, logs, and even charcoal
  • Pairs well with any ash tray
  • Comes with a decently-sized main cooking chamber
  • A good choice to cook large pieces of meat
  • Dedicated, built-in thermometer
  • Flaunts heat-resistant handles


  • Smoke control can be cause for concern

3.  Pitt’s & Spitt’s Pit U1830


  • Patented firebox damper
  • Intuitive prep shelf
  • Flaunts stainless steel, high-quality 304 to be precise
  • Removable cooking grates
  • Dedicated cooking chamber

In case you are looking for a residential offset smoker, the Pit U1830 from Pitt’s & Spitt’s is worth relying on, courtesy of a decent cooking capacity of 810 square inches. What works best for this device is the inclusion of a vertically aligned firebox capable of offsetting heat upwards. Therefore, as a cook, you can get access to a uniform temperature profile.

What stands out is the incorporation of an integrated water reservoir for disallowing the cooked pieces to meat to run dry. Therefore, excellent flavors are guaranteed as, despite longer smoke durations, the moistness of the meat isn’t compromised.

Furthermore, the stainless steel cooking surface stands out, followed by an easy fire management structure courtesy of the seamless inclusion of an open door. The steel plate on display extrapolates cooking options even for an amateur.

When it comes to deploying fuel, this is primarily a charcoal smoker grill with an option to incorporate wood chips and logs, if and when necessary. Besides the charcoal and wood setup, the Pit U1830 also comes loaded with an LPG tank for faster cooks.

As far as functionality is concerned, the weather-proof chimney cap is a decent addition. Then again, our experts weren’t pleased with the smaller handles fixed onto a comparatively larger lid.

Therefore, if you are open to getting a multi-mode smoker with reliance on smoking, preparing grills, and even a combined role, the Pit U1830 is a commendable choice. While some might still consider this overkill for domestic usage, it helps you get several options onto the plate besides making room for multiple fuel deployment.


  • Supports multiple upgrade option
  • Facilities the inclusion of ash pan, steak grill, and more
  • Integrated thermometer
  • Maintains meat moistness while cooking
  • Easy to clean courtesy of the removable grate
  • Rubber wheels make it easy to move


  • Smaller handles
  • Pricier than usual

4.  Broil-King Smoke


  • Aluminum clad dampers
  • Smoke diffusing ashtrays
  • Integrated bottle opener
  • Extended warranty
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Here is a resourceful offset smoker that flaunts a reinforced steel chassis and exceptional levels of durability. Smoke diffusing gets a considerable boost with the charcoal trays in play, perfectly complemented by the sturdy and rust-resistant ashtrays. Temperature and heat control are easier than ever with the air dampers in play.

When it comes to the cooking surface, you get access to 955sq inches, with the primary cooking capacity being fixed at 625sq inches. While this might not be a commercially-viable figure, domestic meat cooking indulgences are easily taken care of.

Paired along are the porcelain-coated cooking grates made of cast iron. Although our experts expect them to beget rust, the durability is guaranteed considering the brand identity.

This offset smoker comes equipped with a built-in thermometer that works as a reliable temperature gauge. Besides, the aesthetic appearance is ably taken care of with the chrome-plated handles. Ventilation is top-notch with the modifiable dampers in play, ensuring sufficient oxygen levels inside the smoker to assist with better and cleaner combustion.

This offset smoker also comes equipped with a sizable front shelf, utensil hooks, lower shelf, and removable ash trays. However, the cooking chamber accessibility steals the show as the lid on the same comes paired with a relatively large handle.

Overall, this smokers’ offset product leaves a lot to be desired when cooking capacity and grate quality are concerned. Then again, this is still an excellent choice if you prefer a smoker for home use and that too without burning a hole in the pocket.


  • Decent collection of utensil hooks
  • Integrated thermometer
  • Dual-purpose charcoal trays
  • Adjustable air dampers
  • Comes with an integrated char grill
  • The barrel is made of 2mm thick, heavy duty steel


  • Mobility is an issue
  • Smaller for commercial usage

 5. Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Reverse Flow


  • Porcelain-coated conduits and wires
  • Dual Fuel support
  • The cumulative cooking capacity of 1060sq inches
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Reverse flow offset smokers are exceptional meat cooking resources, and this is where Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn comes into the mix with its massive cooking space, dual cooking chambers, separate firebox supporting cleaner combustion, and the innovative 3-inch temperature gauge for monitoring existing heat levels.

Joe’s Longhorn reverse offset smoker supports dual smoking and uniform cooking of meats in due course. This smoker also allows you to control the baffles, which plays an important role in heat control. Besides, using barbecue functionality is easier than ever with Oklahoma Joe’s smoke and temperature controllers.

The cooling space is more than adequate as you get access to 751 square inches of the primary arena and almost 309sq inches in the form of the secondary cooking chamber. Complementing the cooking chambers is the dual storage shelves followed by an easy to clean ash collecting tray.

When productivity is concerned, this device brings forth the resourceful wheels, which are sturdy enough, allowing you to move the same with considerable ease. The cool touch or heat-resistant handles are excellent additions and add to the safety quotient of the concerned smoker. Last but not least, the stainless steel basket for accommodating fuel is utilitarian inclusion considering the fire handling capabilities.

To sum it up, the Joe’s Longhorn reverse offset smoker is one of the best products on this list, featuring a lid-mounted gauge, swing open door to add fuel to the firebox, and advanced smoke control for uniform cooking and flavoring, and unmatched mobility.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable dampers for better smoke regulation
  • Support plate warming
  • Bigger primary cooking area than the highland reverse flow smoker
  • Good smoker with decent productivity spec


  • Bulkier than usual
  • Not cost-effective

6.  KBQ C-60


  • Shuns cast iron for stainless steel
  • Brings in a dual-fan system for even heat circulation
  • Adjustable racks for accommodating guests that come announced
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Besides the innovative layout, this offset smoker also ensures uniform meat cooking courtesy of the strategic placement of the firebox. Unlike some of the other horizontal smokers, this BBQ Pit smoker is all about the firebox placed atop the cooking chamber. This attribute ensures that dangerous gases and heavy smoke can be ousted with ease.

Keeping the taste profile in mind, the process ensures crispy barks and uniform smoke rings. The most intuitive aspect, courtesy of the design elements, has to be the ‘inverted flame’ technology, making way for blue smoke and uniform cooking experiences.

From a more technical standpoint, this offset smoker brings in wood logs as the primary fuel source, followed by the heavy gauge steel chassis for keeping unwanted rusting at bay. Besides, the cooking surface of 960 square inches is more than adequate for 6 to 8 guests.

The KBQ C-60 is also equipped with a smoke flavor controller in addition to the basic features and structural enhancements. This attribute allows you to modify the cook as per taste-specific preferences. You can either opt for moderate flavors or persist with a smokier and heavier texture, courtesy of the Over-fire smoke rendering functionality.

Apart from Smoke Selector, there is an intuitive Auto-Draft functionality on display. With this attribute at the helm, it becomes easier to attain a temperature control of up to 250 degrees, sans manual interventions.

Last but not least, if you are worried about cleaning the smoker after use, the KBQ C-60 doesn’t pose multiple challenges. Clean-burning technology is one of the best you can rely on, and the cumulative ash generation is next to zilch.

Our experts tested the same after using the device for 12 hours at a stretch and still couldn’t find a lot to clean. Overall, if you are invested in the traditional hardwood BBQ experience, this Pit Smoker from KBQ C-60 is probably the best option to invest in.


  • Shorter learning curve
  • Rust-resistant
  • Dedicated smoke selector
  • Features convection fans to avoid meat rotations
  • Comes with hidden rollers
  • Cooking capacity is more than adequate


  • No option to grill
  • Slow cooking
  • Burner needs to be fed once every half hour

7.  Generation 3 Marshall


  • Wood smoker
  • Massive cooking area of almost 2703 square inches
  • Best for natural Smokey flavors
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The Generation 3 Marshall from The Good One is a premium offset smoker, best suited for commercial setups, competitions, and anything but basic. While the price is obviously on the higher side, you actually get what you pay for.

To start with, this smoker flaunts a meticulous paint job, comprising the 11 gauge steel. Unlike some of the more traditional devices, this product accommodates a uniformly lined internal damper for brilliant control over heat and smoke distribution. What stands out is the engineering technology, focusing on maximizing smoking while keeping fuel usage to a minimum. Besides, you get access to a unique cooking chamber.

Marshall ensures that cooking is uniform and you need not roll the meat for achieving the perfect flavor and consistency of profile. Furthermore, you get access to the strategically placed spinner vents, best characterized by their ability to control airflow and support cleaner combustion.

Coming to the cooking capacity, generation 3 is no pushover. With almost 2849sq inches to spare, this product probably has the largest cooking space for domestic and even commercial usage. When it comes to accommodating fuel, this smoker supports charcoal and wood, regardless of the preferences.

When basic to advanced structural innovations are concerned, this is still an easy to assemble product, which includes removable ash and drip pans for added functionality. Besides, the dedicated grilling area comes as a decent surprise for barbecue lovers.

Overall, this offset smoker readily falls in the exclusive category owing to the massive cooking capacity. However, it still doesn’t compromise on mobility and brings in locking casters and large wheels into the mix.


  • Uniformly placed air dampers
  • Massive grilling area
  • Expansive cooking space
  • Exceptional heat retention
  • Uniform smoke and heat distribution
  • Integrated spinner vents
  • Mobile product


  • Flaunts an extensive learning curve
  • Heavy

8. Yoder Smokers ‘Cheyenne’


  • 73sq inches of cooking space
  • Features dual dampers
  • Mounted thermometer
  • Additional temperature gauge upgradeability
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If you are in the market for an entry-level offset smoker, the Cheyenne from Yoder is one of the best options to consider. Besides offering 703sq inches when the cooking surface is concerned, this offset also brings in adjustable baffles for controlling the air intake.

Furthermore, the heavy duty welds are pretty durable for an affordable product, and Yoder takes an additional step to ensure that the shelves and grates are nothing but high-quality accessories.

When it comes to aesthetics, the design certainly looks a bit dated. Despite this being a heavy smoker at 315 pounds, the movable and oversized wheels ensure unparalleled portability. What stands out though us the strategic thermometer placement!

As it finds a landing spot near the chimney, the temperature is usually lower than what is inside the cooking chamber. However, if you are ready to extrapolate, this attribute clearly adds to the expectancy of the concerned thermal monitoring gauge.

The primary chamber lid comes equipped with handy shelves, whereas the firebox offers decent storage space for accommodating wooden logs. The ventilation is top-notch, which eventually ensures cleaner combustion.

Overall, if you are interested in slow cooking, barbecuing, and even grilling at excellent temperatures and without breaking the bank, this offset smoker for Yoder is expected to appease your senses.


  • Indirect heat drawing for moist cooking
  • Decent cooking space
  • Dual damper for better control
  • Heat resistant handles
  • Oversized wheels for mobility


  • Looks dated
  • Thermometer temperature isn’t reliable enough

9.  Dyna-Glo Charcoal grill


  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Chassis
  • Comes with 784 square inches of cooking capacity
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This product from Dyna-Glo is probably the most affordable offset smoker in the market. While this product is best known for the ease of usage and unmatched versatility, it also takes special care and doesn’t allow residual heat to escape the cooking chamber.

From an aesthetic standpoint, this Dyna Glo charcoal smoker boasts of heavy-duty and durable cast iron. Furthermore, the dual door layout ensures minimal heat loss, whereas the main firebox door also makes room for wood chips. The ignition is way faster than expected courtesy of the pulse ignition technology.

The cooking surface is probably more than adequate for a domestic arrangement. However, if you have several guests coming over, you can consider cooking almost 100 pounds of meat, ribs, and more, to perfection, at once. Besides, experts have tested the same thoroughly and have experienced uniform cooking for meat and vegetables every single time.

Despite being one of the more inexpensive options, this smoker flaunts exceptional mobility courtesy of the resourceful handles. In addition to that, you also get an integrated thermometer followed by an intuitive grease management model for ensuring easy cleaning.

Overall, if you are looking for a handy product for arranging home barbecues, this vertical offset is your best bet towards an affordable buy.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to move around
  • Smoker layout and shelves make it easy to clean
  • Uses a dual fuel mechanism
  • Accommodative firebox.


  • Prone to rust
  • No cover included with the package

10. Char-Broil Offset Smoker


  • Porcelain coated grilles
  • Cooking space of 477 square inches
  • Sizable side-shelf
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The offset smoker from Char-Broil is what homemakers long for, especially when they are looking to go cheap with their purchases. For someone invested in aesthetics, this product comes forth as a three-piece unit, best known for maintaining exceptional temperature levels. Besides, the ventilation is non-invasive, which doesn’t lead to any form of air loss, affecting cleaner combustion.

When cooking experiences are concerned, the grates ensure uniformity. Besides, cleaning the same is easier than expected with removable trays to account for. In case you are into smoking meats regularly, the lid-adjacent temperature gauge comes forth as a handy resource.

This product brings forth a decently sized cleanout door, which makes residual fuel dumping and cleaning easier than expected. However, it is the ease of assembly and usage that steals the show. Moreover, the three cooking chamber design offers adequate space for cooking a lot of food at once.

To sum it up, this is one of the more affordable offset smokers and a dedicated char griller, retailing on Amazon, with the manufacturer emphasizing on easier cleaning and usage.


  • Doubles down as a char griller
  • Different meats can be cooked simultaneously
  • Strategically placed thermometer gauge
  • Firebox flaunts a dedicated ash door
  • Total cooking space of 605sq inches
  • Durable


  • Might lead to dry meats if the temperature isn’t monitored
  • Smaller for commercial establishments

Offset Smokers: Types

Selecting offset smokers based on the type isn’t as easy as it seems. Instead, you must understand that the differences, depending on models, can be based on the structural innovation or even the technology employed for cooking and flavouring the meat in the best possible way.

For starters, you can scour the internet or keep reading on to get hold of a basic horizontal offset, a cabinet smoker, or even a vertical offset smoker. In a majority of cases, the firebox positioning determines the structural layout of the device. Regardless of the build quality or form factor, offset smokers usually feature two separate chambers despite resembling a conventional charcoal grill.

Also read: How to use an offset smoker 

Besides, you can also consider the latest technologies to get a better understanding of the cooking process. The conventional smoker is primarily used and requires continuous temperature monitoring. As a rule, you must rotate the meat to get an even cooking spread, flavor profile, and texture.

Then again, the more advanced variant is the Reverse flow offset smoker. This smoker offset variant flaunts an automated process where the heat moves in a bidirectional manner, thereby paving the way for controlled and uniform cooking.

Offset Smoker Considerations

While we did take a look at the features and attributes associated with an offset smoker, regardless of the type, you also need to take certain aligning aspects into consideration for making the perfect purchase.

A good start is to ascertain the size of your establishment and choose the smoker footprint accordingly. In addition to that, you must also take a closer look at the portability quotient for moving assistance, ease of cleaning to facilitate quicker reuse, and the size of the cooking chamber, according to your guest list and menu. 

Last but the least, if you have made up your mind about purchasing a smoker, consider getting accessories along, including a weather guard, additional racks, and rib hooks.

Features to look for in an Offset Smoker

Despite having a fair idea of the type and technology, you can go awfully wrong with the purchase if you aren’t well-versed with the features on display. Synonymous with a good offset smoker, these attributes will be frequently revisited during the course of our standalone reviews.

1. Material Quality

If you are well-versed with the concepts of science, preferably physics, consider heavy gauge, conductive metal for your offset smoker. This trait takes care of durability, heat retention, and even helps facilitate an environment conducive towards longer cooking spells.

2. Gauges

 Exceptional temperature management is one of the most important features of a good and reliable offset smoker. Therefore, in addition to the heavyweight metal as the preferred chassis material, you must select smokers with a dedicated and calibrated gauge, which helps you monitor the heat and subsequent cooking processes.

3. Ventilation

You wouldn’t want to cook your meat in the absence of sufficient oxygen levels. Besides, playing with oxygen also allows you to manage the temperature better. Therefore, in an offset smoker, opt for adjustable vents and internal venting. Proper ventilation is one of the few essential features that you cannot ignore, especially for reverse flow smokers.

4. Cover, Dampers, and Seals

Each one of these three attributes helps you take care of offset smoker maintenance, both in the short and long run. While the cover protects the device when not in use, seals and dampers help with better temperature control, enhanced smoke retention, and improved efficiency.

5. Paint Longevity

Excessive heat can have an impact on the paint if you persist with a low-grade smoker. An exceptional paint job, mostly considered by premium manufacturers, lends chip resistance and avoids rust build-ups.

6. Rollers

In case you are expected to host a barbeque party at a more remote location, rollers on the smokers can be exceptional inclusions.

Offset Smoker: FAQs

Q1. What is the top offset smoker in the retail space based on budget and features?

A1. Although KBQ C-60 is the best option to consider as per our experts, we would dedicate this section to recommending a reverse smoker. According to our experts, the Oklahoma Joe is a good offset smoker reverse flow in the retail space, offering some of the best smoker features to rely on.

If you are worried about the long time cooking constraints, this Oklahoma Joe reverse flow smoker, clubbed with many different features like handy grates and excellent heat and air control, is a pretty amazing choice to buy from Amazon or any other retail store.

Q2. Are Offset smokers any good?

A2. Offset smokers are excellent grilling, barbecuing, and slow cooking resources, best suited for domestic and commercial establishments. If you are into arranging parties and looking for meat cooking options across diverse prices and brackets, nothing works better than an offset smoker. While the material and usage information might vary, a smoker offers a host of options for you to consider, including a dedicated char griller, optional bottle opener, and whatnot.

Q3. Are offset smokers better than vertical smokers?

A3. If you are into basic usage, offset smokers are better choices as compared to vertical smokers. However, vertical smokers offer uniform heat profiling and smoking levels. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a product with best reverse flow functionality, consider getting an upright unit. Then again, if you plan to buy a vertical smoker, you might not be able to grill using the same.

Q4. What offset smokers look to achieve?

A4. Offset smokers, regardless of the material, ensure that you’ll be able to cook a lot of meats at once, especially when it comes to arranging parties. Additional specs and functionality are guaranteed by the excellent build quality, heavy-duty steel, if incorporated, quality of grates, and overall construction.


Although there are quite a few offset smokers in the market, our experts would still recommend the Dyna Glow as the top quality offset smoker for the innovation it brings to the table. Although it directly competes with the reverse flow products, it still comes out as a winner, courtesy of the smoke selector option, futuristic construction, and easy availability on Amazon or other retail outlets.

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