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Best Oil For Flat Top Grill

That means if you follow the perfect seasoning process, then your flat top grill will offer the best cooking experience. Apart from that, if you follow the right seasoning process, then the grill will be protected from wear and tear.

Cooking with a flat top grill can give you and your family so much delight, especially on weekends. No matter whether you are cooking breakfast, dinner or lunch, you are ready to prepare your food like a professional. But before using a flat top grill, it is crucial to take care of seasoning while cooking so that food will become mouth-watering.

But, apart from all the above information, you must first know what is seasoning if you are new to the flat top griddle. Basically, in this process, the oil is added to the griddle's surface so that it will make the food delicious. The method of seasoning creates a blackened that is stick absorbed coating on the grill.

But ensure that before you season the griddle, make sure to clean it. Overall, you can say that there are various things by which you can clean the surface of the griddle. Moreover, cleaning the flat top grill is also different to ensure to make your grill work smoothly.

Let's talk about some of the cleaning agents you can use to clean the flat top grill.

They are: -

1. Cleaning flat top grill with vinegar

No matter if you are a professional chef or you do cooking for your family, a grill will offer the best result if you clean it regularly. For this, you can use vinegar which is a natural agent. For your information, vinegar not only cleans the grill instead, but it also helps the grill from rusting.

But make sure that you must follow the proper process of cleaning the flat top grill to make food delicious.

2. Cleaning flat top grill with brick

If you use grill bricks for cleaning the grill, it will help remove food debris and grease. However, according to experts if you use brick for cleaning, they do not absorb grease from the flat top grill. On top of that, grill brick is one of the best cleaning tools if you want to get rid of various food residues.

Well, if you want to use brick for cleaning a flat top grill, buy handle bricks.

3. Cleaning with lemon juice

Most of the time vegetables, eggs and meat are cooked on the flat top grill. While cooking them, soy sauce, salt, oil, and herbs are used for seasoning. However, when the oil mixes with food particles, it can quickly develop grease on the grill. Moreover, if you clean it immediately, it is fine. Otherwise, it will get a stick on the grill, which makes the grill hard to work. So, this lemon juice plays a very crucial role in cleaning the flat top grill.

The best oil for flat top grill 

After you clean the flat top grill, another essential move before cooking is seasoning the grill with the best oil so that a non-sticky effect will come. So, let's talk about various oils for the flat top grill.

1. Pompeian organic extra virgin olive oil

This oil is a non-stick cooking spray that helps in making your cooking experience delighted. It comes in two packs of 5 fl oz. If you talk about its specialties, the oil is eco-friendly having no propellants, no CFCs, zero trans-fat, no preservatives, and no cholesterol.

Apart from that, the best thing is it is non-allergenic and naturally gluten-free. However, if you love eating salads, pastas, and various drizzling, then this oil is perfect for seasoning.

2. Weber grill’N spray

This flat-top grill oil for seasoning basically comes in three Cans. However, it is a very safe spray for cooking food on a hot grill. The best part is by using this oil, you can easily add an extra coating of any food without flare-ups.

3. Kelapo extra virgin coconut oil

It comes in spray with 5-ounce cans and best for baking pans and also for frying pans so that the surface will be non-sticky. Apart from that, this cooking Kelapo Extra virgin coconut oil is also perfect for tabletop grills.

If you talk about its features, it is 100% natural, vegetarian, organic, and unrefined. The best part is this oil can be used for all-natural alternatives.

The bottom line

The process of cleaning and also seasoning in a flat top grill delivers several benefits. That means various food particles and grease should be cleaned for a perfect cooking experience. Apart from that, this will also help from the growth of bacteria and molds. Ensure that you must clean the flat top grill regularly and use seasoning oil for best cooking.

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