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10 Best Wireless Meat Thermometers to Pair with your Grill or Smoker

Do not let the lid-based temperature gauge get your goat and invest in an accurate BBQ thermometer that connects wirelessly. But, why wireless!

As a meat connoisseur you need to be true to your hobby and, therefore, it is necessary to keep monitoring the cooking, throughout the course. However, continued proximity can be pet-peeve, in case the appliance is placed in the woods or the weather is unwelcoming. This is where a wireless meat thermometer can help you out.

If you have read our meat temperature guide, you will know if you pick a good wireless meat thermometer, it becomes easier to monitor the cooking temperature, internal heat, and ambient temperature. This way, you can get the most out of your device without drying out the meat with some unnecessary cooking time. 

10 Best Wireless Meat Thermometers  - Our Top Pick

best wireless meat thermometers

In case you want to skip the queue and head over to the best smart wireless meat thermometer in the retail space, the Meter+ is the best option to go with. While this is a standard dual probe system that doesn’t have any wired inclinations, it is also one of the few devices to live up to the promised connectivity range. In addition to the extensive range and the multi-purpose probes with a minimum of one meat probe, the Meter+ is also known for the most accurate temperature readings and adherence to the smoking meat.

In the next few sections, we shall enlist some of the best meat thermometers with wireless capabilities. While Wi-Fi will be one of our priorities, we shall also talk about meat thermometers that connect via Bluetooth.


In case you are still confused as to how the wireless meat thermometers work, you can skip to the end and get some insights. However, each thermometer review will be explained in detail, which will also make it easier for you to understand the functioning. So sit tight and read along!

1. Meater Plus


  • Offers Android and iOS support
  • Comes with one heat measuring probe
  • Dual sensors in play
  • Supports guided cooking

In case you are looking for a meat thermometer that pairs well with a grill, smoker, or even rotisserie, Meater Plus is the perfect option to invest in.  While we did mention some of the more vital specifications in the previous segment, it readily tops the chart due to the excellent range of almost 165 feet.

Coming straight to the details, this perfectly designer thermometer works perfectly with the intuitive smartphone application. The smartphone app is loaded with possibilities and allows you to pick the type of cook, meat, and even help track the progress, sans lags or accuracy issues.

However, the best thing about the application is that it pairs perfectly with the Meter+ device and gives you the accurate time required to cook a portion as per preferences.

As far as the device is concerned, the Meter+ is actually a wireless device as even the two thermometers probes are inserted sans wires or extensions. While the first probe is good enough for monitoring internal meat temperature and even the appliance status, the second transmits the Bluetooth signal, strongly enough.

Besides, from a structural point of view, this device comes with a wooden charging dock for powering the probe followed by a magnetic backing to facilitate smoother attachments

The Bluetooth meat thermometer is therefore good as a leave-in device, more so as there are absolutely no wires to deal with. Besides, this two probe device also comes with cloud support for top-notch monitoring support.

Lastly, there is an innovative estimator algorithm in play that further assists you with guided meat cooking, according to the temperature reached and the meat cut.

Therefore, if you actually want a wireless meat thermometer that comes with an all-inclusive feature set, the Meater+ is the perfect gadget to consider.


  • Excellent companion app
  • Intelligent device with exceptional range
  • Ergonomic design
  • Even charging is wireless, via the probe battery
  • Offers accurate cooking insights


  • Pricey
  • The probe battery has a finite life cycle

2. TermoPro TP20


  • Hands-free thermometer monitor
  • 300ft. range
  • Comes with a dedicated kitchen timer
  • Features a BBQ thermometer
  • Dual probe setup

The TermoPro TP20 wireless, remote controlled thermometer comes at a close second, in case you seek the most accurate readings. Coming to the design, this is easily one of the more rugged units in the market. Not just that, it is more than capable of withstanding falls and accidental drops.

As a thermometer TermoPro TP20 wireless is dual probe, allowing enthusiasts to monitor the cook and even the grill temperature. Not to mention the 716-degree Fahrenheit limit that qualifies it as one of the more potent devices in the market. 

What Impressed Us

What impresses us the most is that the TermoPro TP20 wireless comes with 2-probe installing ports, allowing users to deploy either one for probes and temperature monitoring. In case the concept is still not clear in front of you, both the probes can be deployed either for two different meat pits, different body temperatures, or one pit and one body, as per requirements.

Then again, the app works brilliantly and allows you to work in cohesion with the wireless meat thermometer. Besides, the app also supports backward compatibility, allowing you to train the probes as per the desired meat temperature.

As far as the working distance of the grill is concerned, the manufacturer offers 300ft. as the limiting factor. When tested by our experts at 200ft, we hardly had issues with the connectivity. In case you are looking at additional features, this smoker grill, BBQ thermometer features a hands-free monitor, 9 heat doneness levels for the app, efficient synchronization, and efficient probes made out of steel.

The TermoPro TP20 wireless meat thermometer is easy to set up and one of the best appliances in the market, if you are looking for dedicated backlighting, timer, and an alarm.  


  • Easy to use and understand
  • Excellent range
  • Comes with a feature-packed app
  • Durable but not heavy


  • Customer support is average

3. Fireboard 2

fireboard 2


  • Supports 6 probes
  • Two meat probes
  • One ambient probe included
  • Temperature monitoring limit of up to 572-degree Fahrenheit
  • LCD display
  • Drive programs supported

The Fireboard 2 had every chance of topping the list but for the underwhelming alarm setup. However, if you still want to judge the same purely based on the temperature monitoring performance, the Fireboard 2 hardly ceases to impress.

Firstly, it is the six probe support that makes it a potent and sought-after device. While the company offers three stainless steel units straight out of the box, there is a provision for the rest. Next in line is the excellent temperature range, courtesy of the 100K thermistors in play.

This calibrated thermometer also flaunts an instant read LCD display, which works in tandem with the supported app. Besides, you can opt for the multi-view mode to analyze the temperature of different meats. The display also supports hybrid view, six readout mode, and the standalone graph.

As far as device connectivity is concerned, Fireboard 2 extends support for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Furthermore, you can also select the alert type as per preferences by juggling between SMS and emails.

What Impressed Us

What impressed us the most is the fan drive support, via the controller, allowing you to modulate meat temperature range at will! In case you want to understand the significance of the same, simply imagine the pre-heating feature on an oven.

Lastly, this is one of the more durable meat thermometers in the retails space and is precisely prepped for the outdoor scenarios.

In conclusion, if you want to monitor grilling and smoking via an easy to read display, the Fireboard 2 is the best Bluetooth meat thermometer to invest in.


  • Drive controller offers better control over the cooks
  • Affordable price point
  • Exceptional battery life
  • App allows you to view multiple screens at once


  • We didn’t like the button interface
  • Alarm modulation isn’t supported

4. Flame Boss 500

Flame Boss 500 wifi smoker controller


  • Dual probe setup
  • Comes with mounting and fan units
  • Maximum temperature reaches 475-degree Fahrenheit 
  • Ability to set multiple alarms

The Flame Boss 500 is easily one of the best cooking allies in the market, best known for the detailed information projected by the base module. As far as the structure is concerned, you can pair 4 probes with the same, with three dedicated to the meat cuts. Besides, this is one of the few wireless thermometers to offer alarm support for every meat, provided the same reaches the desired temperature.

Regardless of the feature sets, the mobile app deserves a special mention, allowing you to monitor the range, cooking options, and even the wireless grill or smoker. However, as it doesn’t offer bluetooth support, you need to stay internet connected to make the most of the Flame Boss 500.

Besides, if you aren’t well versed with the wireless bands, this wireless thermometer works only with the 2.4GHz band.

What Impressed Us

However, it is the integrated fan controller that impresses us the most, owing to the advanced ability to control the pit and meat temperature whilst responding perfectly and accurately to each modification inside the device. 

This instant read thermometer sends across every possible notification regarding pit functioning and allows you to be in complete control of the piece of meat, via the one probe or two probes setup.

Overall, if you are interested in a wireless thermometer that offers easy to ready notifications and pairs perfectly with any grill or smoker, make sure that you invest in the Flame Boss 500.


  • Sturdy build
  • Best for different types of meat
  • Pit controller can measure the temperature accurately enough
  • Comes with a dedicated mounting case


  • Doesn’t offer bluetooth support
  • Not a weather resistant device

5. Thermoworks Signals

Thermoworks Signals


  • Compatible with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Near perfect grilling thermometer
  • Support for 4 probes
  • Base unit offers easy to read information

The Signals from Thermoworks deserves to be on this list for several reasons. The first one., however, is the exceptional layout of this instant read thermometer, which opens its doors for four colored probes. While only one probe is meant for measuring the grill temperature, you can use the other three slots for getting ahead of the cooking temperature of the grill.

Signals, as a standalone grill thermometer is capable of working closely with an oven, smoker, and obviously the grill. Besides, if a person isn’t comfortable using the mobile app, the base module is also a self-sufficient unit with instant read support. 


In case you choose to go with the app, watch out for how effectively it monitors and projects the ambient temperature. Moreover, coverage is never an issue as you can easily get more than 100ft of the same, even when working indoors. 

Therefore, if you are looking for the best overall grill that is priced at a premium, has a brand value to it, and even allows you to monitor the internal temperature of the grill with considerable ease, the Signals from Thermoworks is the best option to pick. 


  • Comes with an excellent probe setup
  • Smart grill thermometer with multi-mode compatibility
  • Best option for measuring internal temperature accurately
  • Offers accurate readings every time you use the same for cooking


  • Only one probe for pit temperature
  • Pricey

6. The MeatStick X

MeatStick X wireless meat thermometer


  • Smart wireless range of 260ft
  • Charging block works as an Extender
  • App is multi-functional
  • Easy to clean
  • Dual sensors

In case you are in the market for appliances that are truly wireless, the MeatStick X is a reliable option and should have been talked about a long time back. While the 260 foot range is worth mentioning, this is one of the few thermometers to live up to the claims made by the company. Besides, the heat withstanding capabilities are such that you can pair the same with any grill, ovem, or even fryer.

What Impressed Us

The MeatStick X is a waterproof device that comes equipped with dual sensors for better temperature management. While one sensor can work as the grill thermometer and allow heat tolerance of almost 212-degree Fahrenheit, the meat-centric sensor comes with a ceramic handle and can easily monitor temperature close to 572 degrees.

Needless to say, the versatility of this instant read grill thermometer is beyond contemplation. Besides, the smartphone acts as the perfect wireless remote digital unit with the application capable of monitoring temperature with unmatched accuracy. Not just that, the application also helps with cooking via the meat-centric presets.

As far as battery support is concerned, this is one of the few grill thermometers to offer a 24-hour threshold before the holder needs to be recharged. Therefore, if you are in the market for a connection-less thermometer that is cloud connected, offers high resistance to heat, and even exhibits dishwasher safety, the MeatStick X is the one to purchase. 


  • Temperature sensors are completely accurate
  • Cloud monitoring is supported
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Offers app alerts


  • Pricey

7. Inkbird IBT-4XP

Inkbird IBT-4XP Grill Thermometer


  • Waterproof device
  • 150ft range
  • Rechargeable thermometer
  • 4 probes for efficient monitoring

While we have already talked about quite a few reliable wireless thermometers in our discussion, the one from Inkbird comes with an additional ability to withstand inclement weather conditions.

As a waterproof thermometer, the Inkbird IBT-4XP is probably the best device for camping and tailgating. Besides, the magnetic surface ensures that it sticks to the grill rather perfectly and you need not rely on the additional wires.

What Impressed Us: 

As far as the probe arrangement is concerned, there are four units to rely on. This means, you can use 3 probes for different pieces of meat whereas the single probe can be used to measure the internal temperature of the grill or smoker. Besides, you can monitor any given piece of meat from a distance of 150ft and the alarm sets out once the desired meat or internal temperature is reached. 

While few grill thermometers come with extended heat withstanding capabilities, this one does one better with IPX5 certification to rely on.

Besides the extended temperature range of 32 to 572-degree Fahrenheit furthers the capability of this wireless thermometer. Other relevant specs include the large display followed by an excellent battery that is capable of churning out close to 40 hours at once.

Overall, if you are into frequent camping and tailgating, make sure to go with the IBT-4XP for its relevant capabilities. 


  • Water-proof
  • Good for outdoor cooking
  • Each probe comes with excellent temperature withstanding capabilities
  • Can handle multiple pieces of meat at once


  • Not cost-effective
  • Range could have been better

8. Nutrichef Smart


  • Priced under 40 dollars
  • Outdoor range of almost 200 feet
  • Supports simultaneous food monitoring
  • App is loaded with features

The Nutrichef Smart wireless thermometer is one of the more affordable units on the list. First things first, the feature sets readily exceed the expectations users have for the specific price point.

What Impressed Us

What impressed us the most though is the excellent indoor and outdoor range of 100ft and 200ft respectively. While you cannot get any signal if you take the smartphone 300 feet away like the Thermopro TP20 wireless remote controlled thermometer, Nutrichef still lives up to the claims and performs at par with the high-end units.

Then again, this instant read thermometer is capable of sending out instant notifications in case you move out of the range while the base unit is still functional. Sounds intuitive, right! However, the specs sheet isn’t only restricted to being a wireless remote digital device but the smartphone app allows you to monitor the internal temperature and even preset the cooking temperature of a piece of meat, precisely to achieve cooking perfection.

In case you are using a grill or even a smoker, the dual temperature monitoring system comes forth as a reliable inclusion. While cooking temperature monitoring support works well for different pieces of meat, one sensor also allows you to to measure the temperature of the grill.

In case the structural abilities and temperature withstanding capabilities are concerned, the Nutrichef probe is capable of tolerating 482 degrees whereas the cable wire made of stainless steel can easily manage something close to 716 degrees.

Overall, if you seek affordable grill thermometers with large displays, the one from Nutrichef is easily up for grabs.   


  • Dual monitoring support
  • Two probe support
  • Bluetooth thermometer with excellent connectivity
  • Intuitive interface


  • Not water-resistance
  • Not meant for commercial cooking

9. Soraken Wireless

Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer


  • Bluetooth thermometer
  • One of the best units for grilling
  • Comes with 4 Probes
  • Dedicated alarm
  • Comes with Android and iOS support

In simpler words, Soraken wireless is a near perfect wireless grill thermometer that supports four probes and even a reliable monitor for showcasing accurate reading. However, this digital meat thermometer offers way more than just these attributes.

Starting off, you get access to an efficient phone monitoring system where the focus remains on the BBQ thermometer. Next in the100ft range that is more than adequate for a normal household. However, you can still expect to get close to 170ft if the base unit and the phone are located outside.

Besides, the Soraken wireless grill thermometer also allows you to manage the timer and preset temperature, precisely for responding to the 11 meat cooking modes. While the dedicated app allows you to set the temperature range a jiffy, you can use a single probe for the meat and another one as the ambient probe. Regardless of the temperature and heat monitoring support, the flash and beep features allow you to track the same.

Not that we have already mentioned probes, this wireless grill meat thermometer supports 6-probe monitoring. While you get four probes in random colors to work with, there is a provision to pair additional ones as per requirements.

Therefore, if you have different meat cuts in the grill and you want to cook each one differently, the six probe setup can be handy. The temperature range of 32 degree to 572 degree Fahrenheit easily justifies the price point.

In case you are interested in additional specs, the wireless meat thermometer comes with metal braiding and support for probe wraps. Moreover, the base unit of the Soraken meat thermometer comes with a magnetic back, which adds oomph to the overall layout.

Overall, if you are looking for an easy to use wireless thermometer that can monitor the internal temperature of different meats, the instant read Soraken wireless grill variant is the best product to purchase.  


  • Offers instant read support
  • Shows the exact temperature of your meat
  • Supports multiple probes to check the temperature of your meat
  • Reliable Bluetooth thermometer


  • Range can be an issue

10.  Weber iGrill 2


  • Supports four probes
  • Heat monitoring capacity of 716-degree Fahrenheit
  • LED display
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comes with a 200-hour battery life

The iGrill 2 from Weber is one of easiest gadgets to use. Despite the entire list stacked with attractive bells and whistles, iGrill 2 chooses to be streamlined and minimalist. While we shall be talking about the entire specs sheet in the subsequent sections, it is the intuitive app that gets our attention. The usage is simple as you only need to set the temperature and plug in the probes, accordingly.

While you can use two probes for the meat if you do not trust one, two of the remaining slots can be used for measuring ambient grill temperature or any other pit. Coming to the range, the 150ft rating is more than adequate for the concerned pricing. However, we started detecting certain errors after 100ft. itself.

What Impressed Us

In case you are looking for convenience, the iGrill 2 comes equipped with a dedicated alarm. This allows you to stop the grill or smoker when the meat reaches the desired temperature. Coming to the longevity of the machine, this wireless meat thermometer is pretty durable, despite being one of the lightest units on the list.

Weber also makes sure that you can monitor meat temperatures reaching up to 716 degree Fahrenheit. Therefore, this digital meat thermometer makes an excellent ally if you have a penchant for grill thermometers. Not just that, you can keep an eye on the grilling and smoking conditions for a longer duration, courtesy of the 200 hour battery backup and the accurate reading offered by this Bluetooth supported, highly recommended unit.

Therefore, if you want a reliable yet budget-centric grill that can check the temperature of the meat and ambient temperature whilst alarming you when the meat is done, the iGrill 2 from Weber is one of the best options to invest in.


  • Color coded via the segregated grips
  • Doesn’t require a separate receiver
  • Four probe support makes it a good commercial option
  • Stacks in two meat probes


  • You need to purchase the ambient temperature probe separately
  • Not waterproof

Buying Guide: Best Meat Thermometer

There are quite a few attributes that you need to be mindful of before purchasing the preferred meat thermometer. These include:

Probe Style

The best case scenario is to opt for a probe with extended diameter, so that it can fit into any given piece of meat, regardless of the cut. However, as per the budget, you can opt for wireless, instant read, and even wired options where the probes are featured accordingly. That said, you should always aim for a minimum of 5 inches, when probe length is concerned.


As far as the thermometer display is concerned, you need to consider the base module and even the app interface. From a preferential point of view, it is desirable to purchase a device with a backlit LED or LCD screen.

Moreover, if you want to purchase a multi-probe device, a transmitter display with multiple viewing options is preferred. This way it becomes easier to scroll and toggle between diverse channels and view the temperature of each portion, separately. 


In case outdoor cooking is one of your priorities, a thermometer connected via bluetooth is a better option as you wouldn’t be able to access Wi-Fi in remote locations. While Bluetooth thermometers make excellent outdoor resources. Wi-Fi invariably offers an extended range and makes it easier for you to monitor cooking.

Therefore, if you have grills and smokers installed in the home garden, considering getting a smart wireless device that supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

A majority of popular posts related to grill thermometers advocate in favor of dual connectivity and a wireless range of at least 100ft.

Temperature and Temperature Range

If you are planning to purchase a wireless thermometer for your grill, smoker, or over, you first need to check for the probe count and then the temperature range. As the thermometer often has to work in close proximity to the grill, the probes, thermometer body, and even the wires, if any, should be able to tolerate higher temperature.

Besides, the range for the internal and external sensors should also be on the higher side, which then allows you to accommodate more intricate meat cuts and cook the same to higher intensities. 

However, a quick word of advice regarding the lower temperature of the device also makes sense, precisely when you are associated with meat brining and thawing. 

Application and Alerts

The smartphone application is one of the more important aspects of purchasing thermometers. As a matter of fact, we would urge you to get a thermometer that allows you to preset temperature and modulate the probe monitoring, accordingly. Thermometers should also be able to send out notifications in case the meat reaches the desired temperature or the smartphone goes out of the range.  

In addition to the mentioned factors, you should also take a closer look at the probe sensors, battery of the thermometers, and even price before taking the final call. 


Q1. What is the best wireless meat thermometer?

A1. As per our review and expert analysis, the Meater+ easily qualifies as the best wireless meat thermometer closely followed by a truly wireless thermometer, Thermopro TP20 wireless unit. 

Q2. Who makes the best wireless meat thermometer?

A2. While almost every manufacturer designs smoker and grill thermometers with precision, our vote goes to the Inkbird, courtesy of the water-resistance and outdoor usage support it brings to the table. 

Q3. What is the most accurate meat thermometer?

A3. The ThermoPro Wireless thermometer is fairly accurate and continues to maintain the same even when operated from a distance of 300 feet. While there are quite a few other thermometers that are known for their accuracy, the 300 feet range makes us mention Thermopro. 

Q4. Is there a meat thermometer app to monitor ambient temperature?

A4. There are many thermometers in the market that can monitor ambient temperature by dedicating a probe for the grill or the smoker internals. 


In case you are planning to purchase thermometers for home, garden, or an outdoor cooking activity, you need to read the aforementioned guide and discussion in detail. Once you are sure about the characteristics of the thermometers mentioned in the previous sections, it would become easier for you to call the shots and invest in a device that actually adheres to the requirements. 

Regardless of what you choose, the preferences should be on keeping the entire setup as minimalist as possible.

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