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Blackstone 1554 Griddle Station: The Perfect Cooking Platform for Every Occasion

If you are in the market for a perfectly designed, cost-effective, and feature-packed griddle station, the Blackstone 1554 is worth investing in. Moreover, unlike some of the other burner grills in the market, the Blackstone 1554 is loaded with possibilities and doesn’t only exist for the sake of cooking food in large volumes. Instead, the class-leading features make it one of the best flat top grills to purchase, if you have a penchant for even cooking.

Moreover, this is a powerful 4-burner griddle station, capable of doubling down as a grill. Besides, this device is also compatible for usage as a restaurant-grade burner that can be fueled by propane.


  • Easy set-up
  • Expansive cooking area
  • Even cooking performance
  • The griddle station can easily be used as a grill


  • Questionable grease drainage
  • Experience regulator leakage

One Line Review- The Blackstone 1554 trumps other similar appliances in the market when the value for money and build quality is concerned. 

Blackstone 1554


The Blackstone 1554 griddle comes forth as a structural marvel with excellent and inventive assembly units. This means you can simply purchase the same and get started right away. In addition to the smaller learning curve, this grill and griddle unit also doubles down as an auto-ignition device, firmly supported by the diverse cooking layouts. 

Besides, the Blackstone 1554 also showcases an excellent arrangement of caster wheels, which are immune to rust and blemishes. These wheels ensure that the griddle burner can be moved around with ease, as per your convenience. The concept of secure footing also showcases a lock system, which allows you to keep the device fixed to the standard location while you cook. 

As far as the standard construction is concerned, Blackstone 1554 comes in as a standard variant and a model with stainless steel layering. Regardless of the one you purchase, you can locate rolled steel in either one of the models, with the first one featuring basic steel with a black powder coating. The one with stainless steel doesn’t include the black powder and keeps the silvery accents intact. Regardless of the final product, each burner associated with any of the two models is made of stainless steel

Besides, at 120 pounds, the reviewed version of the Blackstone 1554 is quite a hefty unit, which in turn validates the inclusion of the caster wheels with a lockable and child-proof premise.


To start with, the Blackstone 1554 flaunts a grilling layer that can be removed easily to get access to the griddle or vice versa. What stands out though is the insanely high cooking surface area with 720sq inches to spare. The expansive and spread-out cooking area allows you to modify the cooking portions based on individual and commercial preferences. 

Moreover, if you are planning to use the same for a commercial cook or for preparing meals for the party, the 4-burner layout also comes in as a handy inclusion. What works in favor of this device is the versatility in play, which then allows you to make use of the no-fuss startup module or rather an ignition tab. As you can use this griddle without having to tolerate the hassles related to kerosene and charcoal, the cooktop becomes easy to clean.

Not just that, the 720sq inch cooking top can also be used only with two burners turned on, provided you want to save fuel. Then again, the Blackstone 1554 also comes equipped with 4 separate heat zones allowing excellent control over the device. This flexibility makes it the best possible griddle-grill combo for parties, separate events, home-based usage, and camping. 

In case you are interested in numbers, the excellent cooking surface clubbed with 60,000 BTUs power, is more than capable of cooking 70+ hot dogs and almost 16 steaks, whilst evenly cooking each one of them. This is where the electric ignition comes in as one of the handiest features.

Based on detailed Blackstone 1554 reviews as curated by cooking experts and restaurant owners, the appliance wins it when owner satisfaction is concerned. However, we were expecting better temperature control even with the 4-zone support available for usage. 

Other relevant features associated with the Blackstone 1554 outdoor griddle include the dual cantilevered shelves that can be used for storing accessories and other useful utilities. Needless to say, the folding legs in play make this one of the best options to rely on, provided you have plans of carrying the device to a remote location. 

In addition to each of the mentioned attributes, the Blackstone 1554 also has the ability to keep the food warm upon using the cooking shelves. This way it becomes easier for you to cook and heat food, simultaneously. While the emissions are pretty much under control, the frequently-experienced regulator issues make this suitable only for outdoor usage. 

Value for Money

As tested by our experts, the Blackstone 1554 offers excellent value for money, when other griddles in the market are taken into account. Besides, as it doubles down as a grill, this appliance allows you to replace your standard, one-dimensional grill. While you get to experience every grill-based functionality, the inherent griddle allows you to stir-fry food and cook a wide range of options, including meat, steaks, fish, and vegetables. 

Then again, as you get the option to cook on the griddle, the crispness of the food is maintained to the letter and as per expectations. However, we would eliminate a few brownie points from the discussion owing to the sub-par grease collecting chamber in play. This constraint forces you to clean the appliance frequently. Then again, the grease-catcher is also an issue for the 28-inch and 17-inch models and not just the 36-inch model that is being discussed. 

Verdict: Yay or Nay!

Based on the first impression, aesthetics, and availability of the innovative ignition switch, this is one of the best dual-shelved griddles to purchase. However, it is best advised to connect with the company beforehand, to get the choice of grease drain, as Blackstone 1554 might come with the front or even the rear unit, as luck would have it.

Not just that, with the winter at its prime, this is one of the few griddle-grill combos in the market that are known for the excellent heat retention levels. 

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