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Grilled Strip Steak with Coffee Rub

Grilled steak is not only America’s favourite food but is savoured equally in the rest of the world as well. And fairly so, because who wouldn’t relish the crispy marbling and the juicy meat grilled to perfection. Over the years, classic grilled steak has evolved in a number of ways and several hundred variants of preparing it exists today. So today, we bring to you, yet another amazing recipe for preparing the world-famous grilled strip steak with coffee rub.

Marinating the strip steak with a coffee rub enhances the already existing flavours and provides additional smoky, sweet and spicy flavours. The best part is that it does not overwhelm the original taste of the tender, strip steak. Rather, it just acts as a subtle undertone to bring out the robust hidden flavouring. In this blog, we will cover all the details about the kind of steak, a recipe for the coffee rub and the recipe for the dish overall. Read on more to find out the deets.

What is Strip Steak?

Grilling a piece of meat can be a tricky task. If you go for a lump of hard cut meat, that might ooze out the juices and result in a poorly prepared dry grilled meat. One of the best meat for grilling is considered the strip steak that comes from the strip loin area of a cow. It is tender and soft, which results in perfect marbling and a tender, flavourful bite. 

This entire strip loin can be cut up into smaller steaks, the front end of which is called the NY Steak. This is considered one of the best cuts for grilled strip steak. Although, you can also use the other cuts from the same strip loin, also called T-Bone, and Ribeye etc. While selecting your strip steak, make sure to check a small layer of fat alongside so that it can give a good marbling on being grilled.

How to Prepare the Coffee Rub? 

Coffee rub is the most essential component of the entire dish as it adds the ultimate zing and flavour to the steak. It is fairly simple to make and you can store it for a couple of days to use it on multiple iterations for preparing grilled steak. 

Sr. No.IngredientQuantity
1Finely Ground Coffee Beans2 tablespoons
2Brown Sugar5 teaspoons
3Ancho Chile Powder2 tablespoons
4Hot Smoked Spanish Paprika1 tablespoon
5Dried Oregano1 ½ teaspoons
6Freshly Ground Black Pepper1 ½ teaspoons
7Ground Coriander1 ½ teaspoons
8Mustard Powder1 ½ teaspoons
9Finely Ground Red Pepper Flakes¾ teaspoon
10Ground Ginger1 teaspoon
11Kosher Salt1 teaspoons

Making the rub is a fairly simple procedure. You can add all of these ingredients in a plastic bag or a bowl and mix. 

Alternatively, you can also add a cup of wine in this rub for the additional wine flavor. In case, you decide to add wine- also add a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce to maintain the taste. Wine balances the earthiness of coffee with its acidic quality. 

Once done, keep this dry rub aside and start working on the steak. 

Dry Rub the Strip Steak

Once the Dry Rub has been prepared, bring the strip steak and rub it with olive oil first. Sprinkle the dry rub powder all over in several iterations. Place this on a wire rack set and chill it for 3-6 hours. Do not cover the steak while chilling. 

Before starting to grill the steak, bring it out of the refrigerator at least 1 hour in advance. And let it settle to room temperature. This will ensure that your steak is grilled evenly and quickly. 

How to Grill Strip Steak with Coffee Rub

You can use the direct/indirect or a two-way method of grilling steak by lump charcoal. Other than induced and accentuated flavours, coffee also brings out a nice roast crust in a grilled strip steak. 

  1. Preheat the grill to over 450 degrees Fahrenheit on the direct side before bringing the steak to it. 
  2. Sear the strip steak on each side for about 3 minutes on direct heat to get some charring. Keep the lid open while doing this.
  3. After that, move the steak to the indirect side and grill for about 8 minutes with the lid closed. Open the lid, to check the steak and ensure it is cooked to your desired level of doneness. We recommend you use a thermometer for this.
  4. Once it is grilled to your preferred level of doneness, unmount it from the grill and let it rest for 10 minutes before slicing and serving it. 

Temperature Directory for Strip Steak

Sr. No.Level of DonenessTemperature
1Rare120 – 130 degrees F
2Medium Rare130 – 140 degrees F
3Medium140 – 150 degrees F
4Medium Well150 – 160 degrees F
5Well160 degrees F (not recommended)

Here’s all you needed to know about grilled steak with coffee rub. You can choose to pair it with wine and savour it for lunch or dinner, or both. Tell us how it was in the comments below. 

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