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A Detailed Guide For Cleaning An Offset Smoker?

After a good smokie meaty treat, something left behind may be hectic for you. Yes, we're talking about the leftover meat pieces, oil spills, and possibly the smoke and wood mess. The leftover meat fat and greasy marks on the bottom of the cooking chamber and, of course, the ashes leftover inside the firebox and some grilled leftover pieces can create the biggest mess.

Many people think that cleaning the smoker is a mess, and we don't like to clean it before we need to for a second run. Although you don't notice, this is a fact that if you left the smoker uncleaned, then probably you end up with sticky marks that remain on the smoker forever.

So, the question is how to clean the smoker without making another mess? Well, take a look here.

Here are the ways to clean the smoker with ease.

1. Empty the Firebox 

Many people think that emptying creates a giant mess. But no, it only takes one minute to empty the firebox chamber. First of all, let the ash out and remaining wood drop into the base of the firebox. Then grab a small brush and sweep out the ash into the ashtray. Read this detailed guide on how to use an offset smoker properly. 

However, if there are some large pieces of wood and charcoal, it's good to remove them first to avoid being stuck in the ashtray when you open the firebox. Now open the ashtray and then tap the ashtray to tip into the garden. If you don't want to tip into the garden, then tip into the dustbin.

Once the ashtray is emptied, slide it back into the firebox. And then place the grate back. Please note that different types of charcoal produce less or more ashes. Hence, depending on the amount of ash made in the firebox, make sure to scoop out some of the ash draws before it gets full.

2. Wipe Out the Entire Cooking Chamber 

Once you remove the ash, remove the stainless-steel grills first and the heath deflection plates out of the cooking chamber. This will help you to access the bottom of the smoker easily. Whenever you cook meat, you probably notice that the chamber's bottom has little solidified fat and grease marks that stuck to the bottom.

Swipe out the fat and grease marks earlier before it dried up with the help of a paper towel. Be careful while cleaning the bottom chamber and use a soft paper towel to wipe out. Any hard and abrasive substance used for cleaning may damage the protective coating, affecting the seasoning process. If you don't clean the fat, it may stick against another potential fat during the next cooking session, making it difficult to clean.

3. Wipe Out the Heat Deflection Plates 

Likewise, for the cooking chamber cleaning, make sure to use the paper towel to wipe out the fat from the heat deflection plates. Also, for the smoker's stubborn part, you can use a scrubber or the spatula to lift the baked food leftover. The food particles don't touch any other part of the smoker so, you need to clean them roughly. It hardly takes your two minutes to clean up the whole mess present over the heat deflection plate.

4. Stainless Steel Grills Cleaning 

The steep stainless grillers used on the offset smoker are extremely easy to clean, and you don't need to meet with any mess while cleaning it. If there are oil spills and marks, you can soak them in hot soapy water, which helps clean the mess nicely. 

Moreover, you can spray some BBQ degrease liquid over the grilling plates and keep it aside for five to ten minutes. After that, use the scraper or a wire brush to clean the plates. The scraper will help to remove even the stubborn fat and grease marks from the griller.

5. Proper Storage 

Once you clean the whole plate and smoker, make sure to pat dry it with a paper towel's help. After that, carefully store the smoker because your smoker may get damaged without proper maintenance and storage.

Moreover, the winter season may damp your smoker. Thus, we would recommend that the garage storage space would be ideal for storing your smoker. This will help to maintain the smoker and grilling plates ideally.

Also, make sure that you regularly expose it to light and check regularly. It helps to prevent mold formation and rust, which may damage your smoker. It will help if you cover it with a plastic cover if you are not using it regularly; this would prevent it from more damage.

Bottom Line 

The cleaning process may take your little time, but it would help you maintain your smoker for a longer time. Also, the smoker's perfect cleaning is an excellent way of enjoying the grilled food for a longer time. So, if you feel it is a mess, then don't be because it will help extend the smoker's shelf life. It would hardly consume your one hour and is worth your investment.

If you haven't read our best offset smoker reviews, you may do so. It may help you to select the best model for your next purchase. 

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