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How to Dry Peppers

If you have planted chili or sweet pepper, you may be asking yourself how to dry peppers. We all know that drying pepper is one of the best ways you can do in storing them for a more extended time. As a farmer, every pepper you harvest is important. Thus, you don’t want to waste even a single piece of them.

So, to store them effectively, you need to follow the basic drying methods of peppers. Keep in mind that pepper with thin skin can be dried easily.

So, if you have a pepper garden and want to preserve them for a longer time, then reading this article will help you a lot.

Basic Drying Method for Tomato Peppers

When we say tomato pepper, we are referring to a heavy and small pepper that has an heirloom reminiscent shape tomato. Expect that this type of pepper has thicker walls. That’s why it is quite heavy.

To lengthen the life of your pepper, you can follow the basic pepper drying method. This can be done by washing your freshly picked peppers thoroughly. After that, place it in a wire rack or plate. Make sure that you will store your washed peppers in a room that is well-ventilated and dry.

You may also consider hanging your peppers in a thread or string. After some weeks, your peppers are fully dried. You can use them as an ornament if you want to. But dried peppers are being ground for cooking purposes.

Air Drying of Peppers

When you want to air dry your peppers, make sure that you will not slice them. This method is only effective for a whole pepper. When you don’t have an oven to dry your peppers, air drying is the answer. To do this, you need to hang each one of them on a strong thread. Leave some spaces between every pepper your string. After that, you can now hang the strings on an area that has direct exposure to sunlight. Make sure that it is both warm and dry.

Wait for some weeks for your tomatoes to get dried completely. It may take too long compared with the other methods, but it is worth the wait.

Dry Your Peppers with a Food Dehydrator

Another top that we can give to you is to use a food dehydrator. This is a more effective method when you want to dry your peppers easily and don’t want to wait for a longer time.

As mentioned, a food dehydrator can be your best friend when you are asking for the easiest and fastest method of drying the peppers. This tool covers your peppers with mild heat. After a night, you can now get them fully dried.

For a faster process, make sure that you will slice them into pieces. A food dehydrator can be purchased to online or physical stores near your area.

Drying Tomato Peppers with an Oven

When you have an oven, you can use it to dry your peppers. The first step you need to do is to wash it thoroughly. Make sure that the entire dirt has been eliminated. After washing, slice them in two (lengthwise). This will expose the innards of the pepper.

Place the peppers on a baking sheet. Place them in an oven and back at low heat, maybe 135 degrees will do. There is no fixed time that we can recommend to you. So, make sure that you will keep an eye to your peppers. Turn the peppers more frequently.

You only need some minutes to make your peppers completely dry. Maintain them inside your oven until the moisture has been evaporated. You can use the dried peppers as desired.

Dry Tomato Peppers Indoors

Drying tomato peppers indoors is one of the simplest methods you can use. It can be done easily and with just a few simple steps. This is also effective to use when drying a thin-skinned pepper, such as Firecrackers Cayenne’s, Thai Peppers, Tabasco, Pequin, and many others.

Keep in mind that this method requires a lot of time. So, if you are not a busy person, you may consider this method. All you need to do is to place your sliced or whole pepper on a baking sheet or plate. After that, locate them in a warm and dry room that receives lots of sunlight. You may consider placing it under your room’s window.

If you want to dry your peppers indoors, you can locate them on a cooling rack. This is because they have a quite thicker wall and heavier weight. You can also move them outdoors during sunny and hot days. But this is just optional.

When drying your peppers indoors, make sure that you will cover them with a clean paper towel. A paper towel will prevent the dust from sticking to your peppers. When you are drying peppers and other large peppers, you can cut their stems. This will expose their inner side, allowing the pepper to get dried quicker and easier.

Peppers, such as Jalapeños that have thicker skin, can get rot while on the drying process. For this kind of pepper, we recommend you to slice them into two or four parts. Also, ensure that you will turn your peppers more frequently. Remove the one that has spoilage and softness signs. Drying peppers indoors will only take one or two weeks before it gets completely brittle and dry.

What to Do With Dried Tomato Peppers?

You may consider grinding them until you produce your tomato powder. But some people store them whole and utilize them as a sun-dried tomato. You can also use these dried peppers with different dishes. Also, you can re-hydrate these dried peppers with the help of hot water.


 Drying peppers can be done easily. You just need to follow the methods we have mentioned above, and you can now get a dry and brittle piece of pepper. So, you can now produce your own dried pepper with the steps above. Do not forget to slice them when you are drying a thick-skinned pepper

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