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How to Grill Chicken Thighs

One of the delicious meals you can make easily and conveniently is the grilled chicken thighs. Grilling is a simple cooking method you can perform easily when you know some of its basic tricks. When it comes to grilled chicken thighs, you only need to have a perfect combination of seasonings.

Aside from the seasonings, you also need to note its grilling time and temperature carefully. This will help you to ensure that the chicken thighs will not get dry. When the thighs have been fully cooked, you can now serve them with some side dishes and your favorite sauce to make it look more attractive and tastier.

Prepare the Chicken Thighs for Cooking

Season the Chicken Thighs with Butter, Pepper, and Salt

You need to season your chicken with 1 gram of ground pepper and 3 grams of salt. If you prefer adding extra seasonings, such as your preferred spices or herbs, you can add them while mixing the salt and pepper with the chicken thighs. You can use butter if you leave the chicken skin. If you have four thighs, you need to use 14 grams of butter.

  • For instance, you may consider seasoning your purchased chicken thighs with 0.8 grams of garlic powder and 0.2 grams of paprika, aside from the ordinary pepper and salt.
  • If you want to add an ingredient that has a salt component, such as garlic salt or Cajun seasoning, then we highly recommend you to adjust the amount of table salt you will add to make your chicken thighs recipe.

Place Inside a Refrigerator

After adding the seasonings you want to your chicken thighs, the next step you need to follow is to place it in the refrigerator for an hour or two before cooking. This will enable the chicken to absorb the seasonings you add. But take note that this step is only optional.

You may consider cooking the chicken thighs right after adding the seasonings. But, to ensure that the chicken has fully absorbed the ingredients, you need to let it sit for about one to two hours. Keep in mind that you will place it in the fridge while sitting.

  • Make sure that you will not leave your raw chicken at an area with room temperature. This is because there is a high chance that your chicken can build bacteria.

Heat Up Your Chosen Grill Type

While the chicken is inside the fridge, you need to preheat your preferred grill to high or medium-level heat. Consider preheating the grill with a temperature of 204 degrees Celsius or 400 degrees. While preheating the grill, make sure that it is being covered.

  • Before you place the chicken on the grill, consider cleaning it with a grill brush. A grill brush will help you to get rid of the grates on the grill. This will help you to avoid the thighs from sticking on the grills.

Remember: When you prefer using a charcoal grill, you need to light up the charcoal while closing the grill. This is a big help for you to increase the heating speed of the grill. You can preheat your charcoal grill for about ten to fifteen minutes. On the other hand, if you prefer a portable gas grill, you can light it up while pushing the button ignition. You can heat up the gas grill within five minutes or less.

Use a Canola Oil

To prepare your grills, use canola oil and carefully apply it on the grill grates. Make sure that you will only apply thinner coats. With the use of a paper towel, apply a little amount to it. Slip the paper towel with oil between your tongs and start wiping it across the grill grates. The oil will prevent your chicken thighs from sticking from the grill grates while cooking it.

Keep in mind that too many oils on the grill grates can cause a fire hazard since it causes dripping.

Grill the Chicken Thighs

Place the Chicken Thighs on the Grill

Make sure that you will set the thighs on the grill while its skin side is facing downwards. Even though the chicken skin has been removed, you still need to place it on the grill that way. You need to free 2.5 centimeters of space between your chicken thighs.

  • If you think that your grill has some hotter areas or determines that there are flare-ups, make sure that you will not place your chicken in these areas.

Flip Your Chicken Thighs Every Minute or Two

Keep in mind that frequent flipping of your chicken thighs ensure that it will not get dry or burn. Frequent turning can also help you to have a more even cook. This only means that each side of your chicken will get cooked evenly.

  • Consider using the timer of your mobile phone to give you a notification when you need to flip your chicken thighs.

Start Grilling Your Chicken Thighs Within 20 Minutes

The safest temperature your chicken thighs need to achieve to ensure that it is safe to eat is 85 degrees Celsius or 185 degrees Fahrenheit. To check the temperature, you need to use a meat thermometer and place it in the thickest thigh area.

  • It is worth noting that each grill is different from each other. Most of them are ranging in both cook times and temperatures. Generally, every side of a chicken thigh can be cooked within ten minutes or less. This only means that you have a total of 20 minutes of cooking time. Keep in mind that this cooking time may still change, varying upon the heat temperature of your grill.

Use a Sauce

Consider coating a sauce on your chicken thigh to improve its taste after being cooked. You are free to purchase or make your own chicken sauce. Add your sauce to the grilled thighs of chicken right after you cook it. This will avoid the sauce from getting burnt. Aside from that, it will not cause a huge mess. With the use of a sauce brush, start applying your preferred thickness of sauce to your grilled chicken thighs.

  • We also recommend you to apply your preferred sauce to your chicken while it is still on the grill. Make sure that you will add it 10 minutes before you take off the chicken from the grill. Be more cautious when adding a sauce if you are using a gas grill. This is because sauce drippings might lead to heat source damage.
  • There are two most-known sauces that you can add to your grilled chicken thighs. These are the teriyaki and barbecue sauce. But you can also explore other sauces you can purchase at your local stores. We highly recommend you try a lemon-herb, buffalo, or mustard sauces. Rest assured that it will provide your grilled chicken with an additional taste you will love.

Remember: You may consider buying a pre-made sauce. But some homeowners grill chicken thighs consider making their own BBQ and teriyaki sauce.

Add Some Garnishes

When serving your grilled chicken thighs, you can consider serving it with some side dishes. This will make your chicken thighs look more presentable and tastier. There are lots of side dishes you may consider varying upon your taste preference.

  • If you apply a thin coat of barbecue sauce on your grilled chicken thighs, you might serve it with a pickle on its side or a lemon juice.
  • We recommend you to add some green onion and fresh basil when you apply a teriyaki sauce to your grilled chicken thighs. If you want to serve your special meal with a Hawaiian theme, consider adding some freshly cut pineapples.
  • If you want your grilled chicken thighs with a sweet and hot taste, we recommend you to add it with raw carrots and celery. Blue cheese and ranch dressing are some of the well-known side dishes you can serve with your grilled buffalo chicken.
  • A grilled chicken with lemon-herb can get an enhanced taste when you serve it with fresh rosemary and arugula.

A grilled chicken thigh is one of the easiest and most delicious meals you can make. If this is your first time to make a grilled thigh of chicken, you can follow the steps we mentioned above. Whether you will serve this meal with or without side dishes, a perfect smile will make it more attractive and tastes better. So, what are you waiting for? Get your chicken thighs, season it and start the grilling process.

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