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How to Grill Pizza

The grilled pizzas are our all-time favorite eats. Everybody loves to have them with family and friends. All you have to do is set up a toppings bar, then leave the rest for your guests. Let them select their topping set matching with their likings. Now, grill the pizza and enjoy it!

Grilling is not the only technique for pizza making. It goes best when you don't want to heat your oven. Alternatively, for appreciating a pizza, most people prefer the oven as the best instrument for making pizza. Beyond the possibility of getting outside, grilling your pizza will also make you experiment with your recipes of tastiest pizza ever. 

In case you char your pizza a little while grilling, remember it's just beginning. After trying few times, you will get the crispiest and marvelously melted pizza with perfect toppings.

After facing this outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, almost everyone has started to cook at their homes. And as we all know, pizza is one of everybody's favorite dishes. As per a survey in this pandemic time, people in every third-fourth house were making pizza. Therefore, if your taste buds are craving brick-oven crusty pizza, you have the choice for getting it right at home.


Before heading out, collect all your ingredients for pizza making. If you can't wait for your pizza, then grill it before cooking. Then you don't have to get a wiggle place for chopping extra veggies. Make your dough as quickly as possible, then only garnishing with toppings and sauce will be left. End your grilling with a closed-lid within 3 to 4 minutes. Enjoy your pizza night now.

Here, you have seen some techniques about this grilling method. But what if someone has never tried grilling? Well, we are here to cater you whatever you require. A step-by-step guide is here at grilling pizza. Honestly, once you pick up this method, grilling pizza will be like kids' stuff for you. The bed of flames on your griller will furnish you with the best pizza ever. Follow these steps to have the one.

Step 1: Preheat the grill

Before prepping, turn on the fire of your grill at medium-high. It will get enough time to become completely hot accordingly.

Step: 2 Assemble your ingredients

Ascertain the amount of tomato sauce and chop the veggies. Grate the frozen mozzarella, or you can slice it as well. Make your sausages brown.

Place your favorite toppings on a large butter paper or on your kitchen's cutting board. Mix 4-5 spoon canola oil to it. Spread oil on the grates of the grill with a brush to prevent stickiness.

To get the different tastes in different slices, make your multiple toppings ready in advance. Or you can prepare personal pies for the choices of every person accordingly. Take your whole-wheat pizza dough and stretch it into a 12-13 inches round or oval shape. Flour a pizza peel or sheet and place the dough over it.

Make the above task easier by keeping the dough at room temperature for half an hour. If the dough starts competing with you, keep it at rest for 10 minutes before fighting again.

Step: 3 Start grilling

You know pizza thrives on high heat. Plenty of scorching flames makes that mouth-watering crust more bubbly and blistered. That is, softly melting cheese modifies a simple dough into the best food ever which is ready to counter too many.

  • It's time to prepare the grill rack. Hold your juggling tongs, dip them into oil, and spread over the grates. Oiling will fight against sticking of pizza over the shelf and result in a crispier and yummy crust.
  • Place the dough on the grill and cover it with a lid. After waiting for a few minutes, it will get brown and   puffy. Flip the crust by using a big spatula.
  • Please don't dwell on the falling of pizza dough; it wouldn't go down through the rack. As an alternate, use a pizza stone and make it easy-peasy. If you are using a pizza stone, then make sure yours is heat-friendly. Otherwise, some of the stones can't withstand high heat and will crack or break. 

Step 4: Embellish the pizza with toppings

Spread tomato sauce over the pizza and top your most-liked vegetables. Spread cheese or mozzarella over it and cook until you see the cheese is melting. It will take 3 to 4 minutes.

Step 5: Swoop over it!

Place your pizza over your favorite platter. Sprinkle oregano and garnish it at the top, make pieces and serve with pride. Relish your own dish.

Few ways of making pizza on a charcoal

pizza on a charcoal

If pizza is your first love, then surely you will adore the grilled pizza. Your love for pizza is due to its crispier and chewy cheesy taste that you only get at a barbeque. We know that charred barbeque flavor gets your mouth watered. Here, by following a few ways, you can enjoy your BBQ-flavored pizza at home.

1. Take 6 quarts of charcoal and spread it evenly. Now burn it for 20 minutes until it gets white. Put the grate over it and let the coal flare until it gets medium-low. To check the heat, detain your palm over the grill above 5 inches. If you can hold it for 8 seconds, then it is ready to begin.

2. Shift your crust to the grates, cover it, and keep it here for 4 to 5 minutes until it gets a little brown. Turn the crust, spread sauce, and garnish with toppings. Grill it as late as toppings get hot, and the base becomes brown.

3. Understand that every grill works differently. You should know the pros and cons of your grill and the way it cooks flawlessly. Its direct heat and indirect heat areas all matters. Consider one thing that your first pizza may sacrifice itself as it is your first attempt.

4. The timings depend on your grill for how long or shorter it will prepare a delicious pizza.

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