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How to Thicken Tomato Sauce

Whether you purchase a tomato sauce from the grocery store or homemade, you may still be wondering how to thicken tomato sauce. There are lots of methods you can follow in thickening a tomato sauce. But keep in mind that these ways can alter the texture, the taste of the sauce, or both.

The taste you want to achieve, the amount of time, and the ingredients available in your kitchen will determine the methods you can do to thicken your sauce. Fortunately, we have gathered the different tomato sauce thickening method that you can follow.

So, if you want to know more about it, then let’s get started!

Simmer or Cook it at a Low Boil

One of the simplest ways you can do to thicken your homemade sauce is to cook it at a low boil. Don’t worry, since it can be done easily.

All you need to do is to cook your sauce while reducing the heat gradually. Let is simmer. Do not cover it to get your preferred consistency. Make sure that you will stir it continuously to avoid burning. Reducing the heat will evaporate the water, which will result to a thicker sauce.

This step will not cause any alteration to your sauce taste. But expect that performing this step requires some time. The thickening time will always depend upon the amount of water that needs to evaporate.

Add Small Amount of Cornstarch

If you want to thicken your sauce without changing its flavor, another thing you can follow is to add a little amount of cornstarch. To do this, you need to mix an equal amount of cornstarch and water. After being a mix, gradually pour it to your tomato sauce. Make sure that you will pour a small amount only. Keep in mind that cornstarch is one of the best thickening agents. So, you may only need a single tsp. of it to thicken a large pot of tomato sauce.

Use Breadcrumbs

Aside from the cornstarch, you can also use breadcrumbs to thicken your sauce. It is also known to be one of the most effective thickening agents since its main ingredient is flour. Don’t worry, since it will not change the taste of the sauce. Just add a little amount gradually until you achieve your desired thickness of the sauce.

Add Some Amount of Romano or Parmesan Cheese

Whether shredded or grated cheese, you can expect that your tomato sauce will get thicken easily and quickly. But, keep in mind that these types of cheese can somehow alter the flavor of your sauce. It is worth noting that both Romano and Parmesan cheese have a high content of salt. So, you need to add it to your sauce carefully.

Add Vegetables

Vegetables are known in effectively adding richness and depth to your tomato sauce. One of the advantages of this method is that it will add more nutrition to your sauce. Most of the Italian chefs are using shredded carrots to their sauce. If you will add this to your sauce, make sure that you will add the carrot when it is already mushy and soft. Carrots are also known for decreasing the sauce acidity.

Aside from carrots, you can also sauté the peppers and onions in thickening your sauce. But keep in mind that these ingredients can significantly alter the taste of your sauce. You may also consider breaking down several mushrooms into pieces. After that, you can now add them to your sauce. Aside from thickening it, mushrooms can also add a delicious umami taste to your tomato sauce.

Lastly, eggplant is also known in thickening the sauce. Make sure that you will shred it first. But before shredding, do not forget to get rid of the tough outer skin of the eggplant.

Use Ground Italian Sausage or Beef to Your Sauce

Before adding the sausage or the ground beef, make sure that you will brown it first. Both the flavors of tomato and meat can be mixed effectively. It is also known when you will use the sauce for a more extended time.

Add a Heavy Cream

When added to your tomato sauce, heavy cream can lift its consistency. Also, keep in mind in using this ingredient, expect that the type and the taste of your sauce will change. But don’t worry, since the final result will still be delicious.

Use Tomato Paste

A tomato paste will also help you a lot in thickening your sauce. Make sure that you will add it from the start of cooking the sauce. This will enable its taste to get blended efficiently to the ingredients your tomato sauce have. On the other hand, you can also add a tomato paste before your sauce gets completely cooked. This will enable you to determine the proper consistency of your tomato sauce.

Add Mashed Potatoes

If you are wondering about the possible ingredients you can use to thicken your sauce, well, you may consider using peeled, boiled, and mashed potatoes. Also, you can add milk and butter if you want. Add them gradually to your sauce while continuously stirring it.

When using this method, you should expect that the taste of your tomato sauce will change, resulting to a sweeter one. But, if you don’t have problems with a sweeter taste of your tomato sauce, mashed potato is a great ingredient you can add to thicken it.

Add Your Made Roux

To create a roux, you need to melt butter while slowly pouring a flour. French chefs in thickening their sauce are using a roux. You won’t believe us if we say that a roux is a reason why the creamy alfredo sauce is one of the thickest sauces out there.

Achieving your desired tomato sauce consistency is not that hard. All you need is to try the thickening methods we have mentioned above and see the magic to your sauce.

Whether your tomato sauce is homemade or purchased, you can change its consistency easily with the ingredients mentioned above.

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