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How to Smoke Brisket on an Offset Smoker?

There is no simple answer on how to smoke Brisket in an offset smoker. However, these four fundamentals will be going to help you with smoking Brisket in the smoker chamber. This handy guide is meant for you to cook the most challenging pieces of meat.

The information applies to all the smoked Briskets, so we start with our top four fundamentals to help you in efficient smoking in an offset smoker. So, let's get started!

You may read this comprehensive list of best offset smokers to know which one is best for smoking briskets. 

Here are the 4 easy steps

1. Control Your Temperature in the Smoker 

Temperature control, in our opinion, is the most crucial aspect. If you cannot control your fire and temperature in the offset smoker, you will probably miss successful Smoked Brisket. Here, controlling your fire is relatively more straightforward, and all you need to do is avoid a significant drop and spike in temperature, not more than 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is an old saying that if you are looking anywhere, you aren't cooking in the right way. So, it's all about controlling temperature and make sure to open your smoker timely to avoid the dropping and spike of the temperature.

But make sure don’t open too frequently as it may drop the temperature. Moreover, it creates issues with heat retention. Also, by extension, temperature controlling means having the understanding of the cooker and hot spot areas.

2. Choose the Right Meat 

The next step to smoke Brisket in the offset smoker is to choose the right meat. For instance, if you are using two different size meat pieces, it will be harder to smoke both pieces simultaneously.

Likewise, the Brisket is also confusing if you refer to two distinctive meat variants or sizes. Both options aren't ideal for smoking. So, make sure to choose the right cut of meat and don't use two variants simultaneously. Once you select the right cut of meat, then move to the quality.

The higher is the Brisket grade, the more marbled it will be, and the richer will be the final meaty taste.

You need to be aware of the grain-fed and grass-fed fats that also have a different melting temperature. Hence, if possible, then choose the fully pasture-fed Brisket, which cooks faster and more efficiently.

3. Cook to Doneness 

Many people ask, how long do you smoke the Brisket?

The possible answer that we get is until it is done. But the cooking may be affected due to several factors.

  • What if you are cooking on a hot day?
  • What if rain tipping hits the smoker?
  • How big is your Brisket?
  • Are you facing trouble in maintaining temperature and fire? 

Well, these are some possible parameters that can affect your cooking and time.

Even the spiking temperature that can affect the cooking steak is not always going to be dependable whenever we talk about the Brisket. The Brisket will be done anywhere between 190 to 215 degrees or until it cooks to doneness. You can also confirm it by the probe test. The more it cooks, the lower will be the internal temperature of the finish's Brisket.

4. Make Sure to Give Some Time for Resting After the Cook 

Brisket is nevertheless better than any piece of meat. So, it also requires resting time after smoking or cooking is done. When you are resting the Brisket, make sure to remove it from the smoker and wrap it with foil paper. This will help to relax the muscle fiber and also help in retaining the moisture into the Brisket.

Most of the people place their Brisket in the Cambro or cooler after smoking is done. Although this is not true resting, instead, it helps hold the moisture and keep it insulated. This could be the most interesting fact, and if you do this, you can have a more excellent finished product.

However, the Brisket continues to cook gently because the heat is still retained in it. It helps in retaining the tenderness. Therefore, whether you are giving the resting time to the Brisket or just holding up the Brisket in the Cambro and the time you give to resting, you will get the perfect finished product at the end.

In other words, it doesn't matter which method you choose for resting; you will get a quality finish well at the end. One more secret, Choosing the right type of wood is necessary for smoking briskets. 

Brisket Bark

brisket bark

Brisket bark is the exterior crust that is desirable and forms after the Brisket. If you want to create the brisket bark, you need to use some pepper coarseness. This could be measured by the mesh. Moreover, you can also use a combination of the cracked and coarse for creating variation.

Along with this, the cooker's time to smoke the Brisket also significantly impacts bark creation. Undoubtedly, the wood-fired has offset the king of bark creation. So, it would help if you manage the firewood to achieve the perfect bark.

Moreover, wrapping it in the porous butcher paper during the holding phase or the resting phase is also an excellent way to keep the bark intact. It will further help to give roasty quality to the Brisket because it absorbs the smoke.

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