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Weber Genesis II S-335: Premium Propane-Gas Grill with a 10-Year Warranty

If you are looking to get hold of a commercial grilling option for larger parties and restaurants, the Genesis II S-335 from Weber is easily one of the better options to invest in. Although this isn’t the most affordable option to consider, it makes up for the top propane gas grills under $1000 with powerful features and excellent cooking performances. 


  • Exceptional service warranty
  • Even heat distribution
  • Minimal flare-ups
  • Closed cart base for secured storage
  • iGrill compatible 


  • Costly
  • Difficult to Assemble

One Line Review: The Genesis II S-335 is a high-end gas grill that amplifies backyard cooking standards, courtesy of several high-end attributes like flavorizer bars, infinity ignition, and class-leading burners.

 Weber 66006001 Genesis II S-335


Coming to the layout, there aren’t many propane-gas grilling options in the market that can match up to the standards set by the Genesis II S-335. While the structural layout is simply outstanding, you can selectively vouch for the stainless-steel inclusions. Besides, the sections that aren’t made of steel feature the highest grade rubber and hardened plastic.

Despite being a premium grill, the Weber Genesis II S-335 isn’t as heavy as it projects to be. Instead, the device only weighs a manageable 140 pounds, which makes it as big as a medium grill. Besides, you also get access to 3 main burners with a decent BTU rating followed by one side burner and the much-anticipated searing station. 

The Genesis II S-335 also comes with 4 durable and rust-resistant wheels. Besides, you also get access to the fuel gauge on the propane gas variant that helps monitor the levels, if and when necessary. Another structural innovation is the existence of the warming rack, which allows you to keep the cooked food warm, provided you are arranging a party or an extended get-together. 

Coming to the exclusive features, the heat retention and aesthetic lid readily qualifies it as one of the best commercial options in the market. Besides, the stainless steel chassis, as mentioned, is readily backed by the cast aluminum cook box, which is rustproof and durable. It also wouldn’t be wrong to consider the Genesis II S-335 is a better option than Char-broil 4633.


As far as the feature sets are concerned, Genesis II S-335 is easily one of the most loaded grills in the retail space. Firstly, it is the cooking performance that deserves a special mention courtesy of the market-moving GS4 grilling technology. The advanced heating system ensures that the racks and grates heat up evenly and only require minimal preparation time.

Paired along are the high-end flavorizer bars that are capable of lending a smoky feel to the cooks, something that is exclusive to the Genesis II S-335. As far as other relevant attributes are concerned, the stainless steel burners clubbed with the searing, warming, and side-burning section add up to achieve close to 60,000 BTUs of heating output

Besides, this is one of the premium grills to feature the flame viewing window that allows you to keep a track of the cook from outside. Not just that, this is also one of the grills that are easy to clean, courtesy of the grease management layout. As far as the cooking real-estate and inclusions are concerned, you get access to 512sq. inches of ready to use cooking area. Besides, you also get access to the 156sq. inches of warming rack, which is used to keep the cooked for at an optimal temperature. 

Not just that, the cooking grates, made of stainless steel are also top-notch and virtually rust-resistant. Other relevant features include the closed cart layout for keeping the gas tank in the safest possible capacity. The two shelves associated with the cart base are readily paired with the side shelf hooks and an ever-reliable temperature gauge, with a center-mounted layout to rely on.

Last but not least, this propane gas grill is compatible with the iGrill 3 setup, which allows you to control the device and certain cooking functionality via the paired smartphone. 

Value for Money

Despite the exorbitant price point, the Genesis II S-335 offers exceptional value for money, courtesy of the already mentioned, class-leading specs sheet. In addition to the burner valves associated with the same, this grill also features something called the Infinite control, an attribute that allows the device to retain heat longer than expected.

The sear station is a good-enough commercial addition and ensures that your delicate cuts get a grilled texture. Moreover, the side burner isn’t only meant for high-end grilling but can also take care of BBQs, provided you use the same for veggies and softer cuts. The Simmer or Sauté functionality makes it one of the best grills in the market.

Other cost-justified features include zero flare-ups, faster ignition, and excellent customer service to back up the claims. 

Verdict: Yay or Nay!

In case you are ready to ignore the complex, 3D assembly and can find someone to work around the bulk, there is nothing much to not like about this grill. While certain critics might feel that the 39,000 BTU rating for the 3-burner setup is slightly underwhelming, the even cooks and the 10-year warranty puts every speculation to rest.

Therefore, if you have the budget, we would give thumbs up to the Weber Genesis II S-335 propane gas grill. 

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