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Weber Spirit II E-310: Best Gas Grill for the Outdoor Fanatics

Are you planning to get a gas grill that sets newer cooking standards?

Are you new to the entire concept of outdoor grilling and looking for an appliance with a smaller learning curve?

If yes, the Weber Spirit II E-310 is the best grill to buy under $500. Provided you are on-board with the usage and maintenance of the Liquid Propane gas, working with the Weber Spirit II E-310 should not be challenging at all. 

During the course of this discussion, we shall project why the Weber Spirit II E-310 is the best outdoor grilling investment you can make if budget isn’t a concern.

Besides, did you know that 70 percent of adults in the United States possess grills or smokers, whereas the same goes up to 80 percent for Canadian adults?

Purchasing the Weber Spirit II E-310 can just make life easier for you, courtesy of the existing hits:

Weber Spirit II E-310


  • Supports even cooking
  • Allows you to cook without worrying about flare-ups
  • Allows you to pair the automated iGrill 3
  • Dedicated grease management helps with cleaning
  • The fuel-scale is easy to read and  monitor
  • CONS

  • Higher price tag
  • No dedicated side burner for your veggies
  • The shallow hood isn’t as amassing
  • However, you might just consider a few other options, as the Weber Spirit II E-310 exhibits the following bottlenecks, albeit minor 

    One-Line Analysis- Purchase the Weber Spirit II E-310 if you want excellent control over the cooking process, with emphasis on excellent temperature control and a large surface for cooking multiple portions at once.

    Weber Spirit II E-310: Detailed Review

    We give it to our experts who snagged the Weber Spirit II E-310 to test after hearing a lot about the potential masterpiece. Don’t blame us as we got carried away and even organized a small, BBQ event for 30 team members. So, here is what we inferred about the Weber Spirit II E-310:


    After using the Weber Spirit II E-310 for the BBQ party and even during the course of the entire week, we could vouch for its highly efficient grilling system. As a grill, this is what the appliance is supposed to do, and believe it when we say that the GS4 system associated with the Weber Spirit II E-310, achieves perfection.

    Our main focus was on the ignition, which was perfected by the ‘Infinity Ignition’ system. Despite the outdoorsy chill, we didn’t experience even one false or stuttering ignition. However, we were more than impressed with the burners; high performance to be precise. 

    Firstly, the three-burner system makes the best use of the expansive cooking surface and ensures even cooks. Also, the Weber Spirit II E-310 comes equipped with Flavorizer Bars, precisely to offer a BBQ effect to the cooks. Moreover, the porcelain-coated surface helps with cleaning and grease management.

    Flare-ups are negligible, even when we cooked fat-dominating portions. Furthermore, we also felt that the Weber Spirit II E-310 reaches the peak temperature faster than other competing burner grills. Not just that, the heating is uniform and sets in within 3 to 5 minutes.

    Coming to the learning curve, the Weber Spirit II E-310 is easy to get a hang of as the other grills we have tested. We did assign some of the less experienced teammates to manage the grilling surface. 

    Testing Insight: Seasoning and prepping the grill was felt easier than most as we only had to apply a pinch of oil to streamline the cooking grates.

    What works even better is the temperature control, which in turn can be gauged via the lid-based thermometer. Although we wouldn’t be commenting on the accuracy, even would go as far as saying that the Weber Spirit II E-310 even exceeds expectations when only one burner is turned on. 


    Even looking at the Weber Spirit II E-310 seems like a delightful experience. Firstly, this isn’t your standard grill featuring a beefed-up chassis.

    Instead, everything about the E-310 treads on the aesthetic lines. Customizations are also possible as we persisted with sapphire hood but you can even choose black, as per preferences. 

    Coming to the cooking surface, the 529sq inches of real-estate allows you to cook several portions of meat at once. The BBQ party we arranged had quite an extensive grilling menu but the Weber Spirit II E-310 lived up to the expectations and delivered fantastic cooks. 

    Regardless, we were also pleased with the enameled surface and the porcelain coating, followed by the iron grates and the removable tray. Clubbed with reversible grill plates, these inclusions ensure seamless and flexible cooking scenarios, followed by lending better cleaning support.

    The burner layout is also justified, as per the 30,000 BTU energy levels. Besides, the placement of the flavorizer bars is perfect and offers easy accessibility to the person-in-charge.

    The design-centric perks continue to roll in with Weber Spirit II E-310 making room for 2 side-tables. Allotted for the prep work, these enhancements are also clubbed with an easy-to-use warming rack, which comes in handy during parties and events. 

    Overall, the appliance is sleeker as compared to other grills, and takes up minimal space. Besides, moving the same across the lawn or patio is easier with two flexible and solid wheels in place.


    As far as the feature sets are concerned, the Weber Spirit II E-310 is loaded with possibilities. Starting from the solid packaging to the inclusion of an excellent temperature controller, this propane gas grill is more of a market-mover in the concerned category.

    • Firstly, assembling the same is easy and doesn’t require you to be a professional. Secondly, even though you need to purchase the propane tank separately, the 20-ltr, safe storage capacity, is nothing but revolutionary.
    • Most importantly, the Weber Spirit II E-310 also fits in a fuel gauge to help you avoid the embarrassments of mid-cook fuel depletion.
    • Other relevant specs include the 10-year extended warranty on the product, which sets newer standards when customer support is concerned. Besides, the iGrill 3 compatibility makes it one of the better grills to support the concept of the Internet of Things and Smart support.
    • However, we recently discovered the spider-prevention feature, which is quite a desirable attribute provided you leave the Weber Spirit II E-310 unused for a certain period. 

    Bottom-Line: Yay or Nay!

    Overall, the Weber Spirit II E-310 is certainly the best outdoor grill that you can consider buying, for the given price point. While the lack of a side-burner, massive cooking space, or a shallow hood might be a few constraints to account for, none of these show up as potential deal-breakers. Besides, if you are a party animal and into arranging frequent outdoor events, you might want to consider other options as well!

    Nevertheless, we would give a big thumbs up to the Weber Spirit II E-310, provided even cooking performances, structural innovation, ease of usage, and extended warranty are some of your priorities. 

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