How to Defrost Ground Beef

How to Defrost Ground Beef

There is no doubt that ground beef is widely used in different types of dishes. But when you have frozen beef, it is important for you to defrost it to cook it easily. When thawing a frosted beef, there are lots of options you can follow.

You can thaw ground beef inside your ref since it will ensure that your chunk has a safe temperature. Aside from that, you may also consider refreezing it after the first method.

The easiest step you can use to defrost beef is to microwave it or use cold water.

These steps can help you to defrost ground beef easily and immediately.

1. Defrosting with a Refrigerator

If you pack your ground beef thinly, it would be much easier for you to defrost it. A thinly packed frozen ground beef can be thawed within an hour.

You need to know that the longer you place your ground  beef in a refrigerator, the defrosting time will be much longer.

In connection with that, you need to place your beef in a ref that has 4 degrees Celsius or 40 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

Place the ground beef in a Dish or Plastic Bag. While defrosting, your beef may leak, which can result in leftover bacteria and blood. Keep your ground beef in its ordinary packaging. But make sure that you will double it with a plastic bag or a tray. These two materials can catch the blood or anything that can cause a leak while defrosting.

2. Use Cold Water

Plan Each Pound of Beef an Hour Before Defrosting

When you want to defrost your frosted ground beef, you need to plan it an hour ahead. Through this, you can make sure that you have sufficient hours in thawing the meat you have. It is worth noting that ground beef packed in a large package needs a longer time. Keep in mind that three to four pounds of meat can take a thawing time of two to three hours.

Place it in a Resealable Plastic Bag

A leak-proof and seal-able plastic bag can make your ground beef more secure from bacteria. Make sure that it is sealed properly. This is because if the bag starts to leak, your food is susceptible to bacteria. In addition to that, your ground beef can get watery when it absorbed more water.

Dip the Ground Beef in a Cold Tap Water

In a large dish or bowl, place the plastic bag with your beef and start pouring the cold tap water. Keep in mind that the beef needs to submerge in the water fully. Make sure that you will only use cold water. This is because warm or hot water can make a bacterial breeding ground.

Change the Water More Frequently

When drained, refill the bowl with the cold water again. Through this, your meat will continue to thaw  ground beef while ensuring that there are no accumulated bacteria. To ensure that the water maintains a cool temperature, consider adding two or more cubes into it.

3. Use a microwave

Take Out the Beef From Its Packaging

Make sure that you will take out the frosted ground beef from its packaging when you want to defrost it through a microwave. Some packaging comes with metal ties that can spark while microwaving. Because it is the fastest and easiest method to defrost ground beef, you can perform it before you cook.

Place the Frosted Ground Beef Inside your Microwave-Safe Glass Dish

Place the ground beef on the glass dish. Ensure that it has higher sides that can catch the possible juice spills while defrosting. Use another dish or a lid to cover the beef.

Start to Microwave

Microwave the frozen ground beef. Keep in mind that a single pound beef can be thawed for one minute when microwaved. Use half the power to ensure that the ground beef will not be cooked.

Some microwaves come with different defrost settings. This will help you in calculating the microwaving time at the right power to defrost ground beef. If you have none, keep in mind that a one-pound beef can be thawed within a few minutes at half power.

After reading this post, you can now thaw frozen ground beef easily. Just pick one option and follow the steps under it. Cook your ground beef easily after defrosting it.

Author: Thomas Shah

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