9 Best Small Gas Grills Reviews

9 Best Small Gas Grills Reviews

Comfortable cooking enhances the taste of the preparation. But if the chef is annoyed due to inconvenient arrangement, then he or she may not pay complete attention to the process. User-friendly gas grills appear to offer ease and satisfaction while cooking.

If you are planning to buy the best small gas grill, then you have come to the right place. Here we will be reviewing and telling you the pros and cons of the available griddle stations in the market right now.

Our top pick based on quality, price, and durability

Weber Spirit II – 3 Burner 

We aim to guide the readers towards the cream products available in the market.  Weber E310 Spirit II is one of the finest propane grills that you can think of buying. Users find this kitchen appliance useful as it features plenty of specifications such as the removable cooking space, swift wheels, stainless steel burners, and more. Consider this amazing griddle station for your backyard and prepare a delicious breakfast.

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Here Are The 9 Best small gas grills in 2023

If you are looking for super-comfy small gas grills, then do not skip the fantastic features of the top 9 small gas griddles. While investing a good amount of money, you should always get familiar with the available facilities of the equipment.

Furthermore, several different types of small gas grills are there, hence you must scrutinize each of the grills to purchase the best among the rest. Before cooking mouth-watering preparations, purchase a small grill for best BBQs to assist you aptly.

1.  Weber 45010001 Spirit II – 3 Burner 

This is a super classy small propane grill that appears to assist the chef most conveniently. It features a GS4 grilling system along with an amazing grease management technique.

The two of the four legs feature wheels. Two cutting boards can be used to chop the veggies. The three burners distribute the heat aptly to the entire cooking space.

There is no doubt that this small gas grill appears to look smart and sturdy. There is a lid covering the grill. The lid comes in various colors, blackbluewhite, and red. You can select your favorite color.

Weber 45010001 Spirit II - 3 Burner 


  • The burners: The stainless steel burners are of satisfying quality. Else, there is an easy ignition system that relieves you from the hassles of charcoal and safety matches. The quality burners continue to serve flames for years.
  • The heat control: There are three knobs to control the heat. If you want to fry well, then raise the flare.
  • The material: The material of this product is quite impressive. The sturdy structure promises to serve you for years without any pause. If you want, you can gift this liquid propane grill to your friend who aspires to be a master chef.
  • The wheels: Unlike an inferior grill, the wheels of this product are solid. Furthermore, smart designer wheels enhance the appeal of the griddle.


  • The grill: Unfortunately, the grill is of low quality, and it may disappoint you.
  • Rust: The lid generates rust very easily.

2.  Blackstone 1554 – 4 burner Propane Station

Blackstone 1554 is a stylish small grill that allows you to cook several dishes at the same time. This best bbq gas grill comes with two cutting boards where you can chop the veggies.

Else, there is a sturdy shelf at the bottom to keep the prepared dishes and other related items. There are wheels on the legs for easy transportation. You can hold the handle while moving this kitchen tool to other locations.

Blackstone 1554 - 4 burner Propane Station


  • The cutting board: Preparing the veggies is the main hazard of cooking. If you find it comfortable in chopping the veggies, then your effort will be halved. For this reason, such cutting boards appear to be so useful.
  • The wheels: Wheels play an important role as it helps you in transporting the griddle station to another place. You can wheel around and settle the grill to your preferred area of the yard.
  • The material: The material of the product is of high-quality. The sturdy structure aims to run a long run without a break.
  • The burners: The stainless steel burners are solid. The burners distribute the heat equally throughout the surface. Using the knobs, you can control the heat. This feature protects the foods from getting burnt.
  • The removable cooking surface: After cooking, you can easily remove the griddle top and clean it perfectly. However, the grease management system would ease the cleaning process.


  • The cooking surface: The quality of the flat grill cooking space is not that much impressive. It generates rust easily.
  • The igniter issues: The igniter often disturbs and fails to spark.

3.  Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Grill

Well, this is a lovely small gas grill that focuses on it all your possible requirements. This griddle appears in three colors, red, black, and steel. You would love the design as it is portable and lightweight.

Not only that, but this pretty cooking equipment also features 4 folded legs that enable you to adjust the height of the grill. You can keep it on the table, or this gas grill can stand for you at a normal height unfolding the long legs.

Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Grill


  • Portability: This is perhaps the best part of this grill. This is a super cool gas oven that can be easily carried to different outdoor locations due to lightweight and handy nature.
  • The four sturdy legs: The four parts are solid and folded. You can place this kitchen equipment on the table as well as on the ground. The folded aluminum legs will adjust the height. The strong grip at the bottom of the legs restricts imbalance.
  • The cooking surface: This briefcase-style grill offers a cooking space of 145 square inches. You can easily cook sandwiches, burgers, chicken breasts, and similar tasty foods.
  • Quality product: We recommend this grill to all the readers as the quality of this handy grilling machine is very impressive. The sturdy structure of this griddle won’t give up that easily.


  • The lid: The latch that secures the lid does not work correctly.
  • The igniter issues: The igniter is of inferior quality and does not work at the first attempt.

4.  Weber 44010001 Spirit II – 2 Burner

Another fantastic gas grill is here to display the amazing features to you. This Weber product is a fantastic grilling machine that features useful specifications.

Of the four legs, two have wheels that allow you easeful transportation. This is a liquid propane gas grill with lid. There is a smart ignition system along with two cutting boards. Gift this amazing propane grill to your near one and solidify the bonding.

Weber 44010001 Spirit II - 2 Burner


  • The wheels: Unlike other low-quality grills, this Weber product features strong wheels for an effortless movement.
  • The bottom shelf: A bottom shelf is always required to keep useful items that you will need while preparing the dishes. Else, the shelves on both sides can also be used to keep items like oil, chopped veggies, and more.
  • The burners: The stainless steel burners are the best part of this grilling system. The high-quality burners spread the heat equally to avoid overcooking of the food. Both natural gas and liquid propane can be used to cook on this gas grill.
  • The material: The material of this product is super-solid. The sturdy structure would hardly get damaged despite indifferent handling. You can buy this propane grill due to its super quality material and durability.


  • No after-sales support: Unfortunately, the after-sales support of this kitchen appliance is not up to the mark.
  • The disobedient flare: Though there are knobs to control the fire, the ‘too-swift’ knobs enable the heat to disobey the control. This can be dangerous.

5.  Weber 51060001 Q1200

Do not mistake this lovely gas grill with the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter. This grilling system is both portable and durable.

You can select your favorite color as this kitchen tool offer various color options. You are provided colors like black, blue, green, orange, red, and titanium. This pretty grill is lightweight and appears to look classy.

Weber 51060001 Q1200

  • Compact size: We recommend this grilling system to the buyers due to its lovely structure. You can easily carry this appliance to different outdoor locations. As this is lightweight, it won’t add much weight to your luggage.
  • Stainless steel burner: This small gas grill machine features a single burner. The stainless steel burner generates up to 8500 BTU an hour.
  • Hassle-free installation: Users, who hate complex installation, should consider this compact grill. This wonderful grilling machine is completely assembled and needs no further installation.
  • Easeful ignition: You don’t need to involve the hazards for safety matches or charcoal. This propane gas grill indulges in the easy ignition system and is empowered by liquid propane. However, you can also use natural gas.
  • The propane tank: The propane tank malfunctions so often. This can create a hazard while you are in the middle of preparing a dish.
  • The cooking space: Compared to other grilling systems, this tiny kitchen tool features a small cooking space. You won’t be able to prepare plenty of dishes at the same time.

6.  Weber 15502001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill

Undoubtedly this wonderful grilling station shares a different look from the rest. This appears to look compact yet classy. With two wheels in the bottom of two legs, this gas grill indulges in easy movement.

The wide area beside the grill can be used to chop veggies, or you can also keep essential ingredients. There is a shelf in the bottom area where you can keep the prepared dishes. This is a charcoal grill, and hence it features an easy charcoal ignition system.

Weber 15502001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill

  • Easy charcoal ignition system: Users generally avoid charcoal gas grills due to the hassles caused by the charcoal. But with this grilling system, you don’t need to worry as it comes up with an automatic, easy ignition process.
  • The lid: Not all the grilling machines feature a lid except this. Having a lid is important as it protects the food in the oven from the bird droppings and other wastes.The charcoal container: There is an attached charcoal container with this grill. You can Carry the charcoal along with you and use them as per requirement. This is great!
  • The one-touch cleaning system: If you doubt this Weber grilling machine due to the hazards of cleaning, then let us tell you that this charcoal grill involves no additional cleaning hassle. Rather it indulges in a one-touch cleaning system for the users. So you can just relax!
  • Wheels: Two of the four legs feature wheels which makes this appliance a portable grill. With this feature, you can move this grilling station from one corner of your yard to the other.
  • Color options: There are lovely color options such as black, copper, and green. You can select the one as per your choice.
  • Expansion of the grill: We would like to give a 5-star rating for this amazing feature. There is enough space for you to expand the grill.
  • Charcoal organization:  If you can organize enough charcoal in the beginning then you won’t need to add them in the middle of the cooking. This model of Weber allows you to organize large charcoal together.
  • The grill: The fantastic grill can withstand high temperatures.


  • The material: You must handle the grilling system with care otherwise, it might get damaged easily.
  • Melted: The ash catcher ring gets melted due to high temperature.

7.  Char-Broil Performance

The features of this propane gas grill will surely melt your heart. This grilling station comes with two stainless steel burners, an electrical ignition system, a storage cabinet, and four wheels. Furthermore, there is enough space inside to fit ample food items.
Char-Broil Performance


  • The storage area: In the convenient storage area, you can keep the propane tank.
  • The lid: It is always wise to buy a griddle station with a stainless steel lid. This protects the food from outside waste.
  • The two cutting boards: This Propane gas grill features two wide boards to chop the veggies. Else, you can also use it to keep essential cooking ingredients and other relevant staff.
  • Burners: The two stainless steel burners produce up to 24,000 BTU. The heat is equally distributed to the entire cooking space (300 square inches).
  • Easy ignition: The easy ignition system is truly fantastic. You don’t need to involve the hazards of safety matches. Just push the button, and it will add flame to the burners.


  • The material: The quality issue may haunt you every day if you buy this propane grill.
  • The flame: There is not enough flame to cook the food properly.

8.  Char-Broil Classic 360 – 3 Burner

If you want to buy a smart propane grill with a porcelain-coated steel lid then the product is just for you. With two wheels, this classy kitchen appliance features different specifications.

There are two chopping boards and three knobs to control the heat. 360 square inches cooking space is enough to prepare a delicious breakfast for your family.

Char-Broil Classic 360 - 3 Burner


  • Stainless steel burners: The high-quality stainless steel in-line burners claim to serve you for years.
  • Lightweight: This grilling station is lightweight and can be easily moved to other locations. Furthermore, with the help of the wheels, you can easily transport this appliance to the backyard.
  • The heat control: This is a very important feature to note. Three knobs enable you to control the heat. Otherwise, the food may get wasted due to higher flames.
  • Material: With this liquid propane gas grill you don’t need to face any mess. The product is made up of impressive quality.
  • The flames: The flames tend to melt the plastic if are not lowered. This is dangerous.
  • Bad installation: The product is badly assembled. After using it for one year, you may face inconveniences while cooking.

9.  Fuego F24C Professional

Well, this unique propane gas grill looks exactly like a standing microphone! Jokes apart, this is a wonderful kitchen appliance that enables you to cook delicious dishes in the outdoor location. With 525 square inches of cooking space, this portable grill features a clasp door close system.
Fuego F24C Professional


  • The unique outlook: This amazing gas grill appears to look a bit different from the rest. Buy this griddle station as it features plenty of different specifications.
  • The bottom part: There are four swift wheels at the bottom of the grill. It is easily movable, and hence you can set this griddle wherever you want.
  • The lid: The lid plays a major role concerning the grill. It protects the food. There is a user-friendly handle to open and close the lid.
  • The propane tank: The propane tank is securely placed in the stem-like area of the product. The grill is handy and precise.


  • Flare: The flare is considerably low, and hence the food remains uncooked.
  • The quality: The quality of the product is not that good.

Editor’s verdict

As we claim to separate the gas grill from the rest, there is a grill that stands appropriate as per our research. We find Weber 15502001 the best from the above list. The significant pros and negligible cons justify our decision. For your one-time investment, consider this kitchen appliance without any doubt.

Different types of barbeque grill that you can think of buying

Cooking in an outdoor location is bliss! To absorb that fun, you need to buy the best gas grill that would fit your requirements.

If you search thoroughly, you will come across various types of small gas grills especially designed for outdoor cooking. Before purchasing a griddle, make sure that you are investing the money in the right place.

  • Gas grills: Stainless steel gas grills are the popular grills that are mostly installed in the backyard. This kitchen appliance is empowered by natural gas or propane tank. These types of grills are apt for users who are tired of cleaning the charcoal mess.
  • Charcoal grills: The fact cannot be denied that charcoal grills are more expensive and time-consuming than the gas grills. But do you know that the food prepared in the charcoal gas tastes more finger-licking than that of a propane grill? Yes, that is true!
  • Electric grills: These grills for bbq are empowered by electricity, and no fire or gas is needed. If you want to cook delicious meat dishes, then you should consider this grill. 

  • Portable grills: A Portable grill is perhaps the most wanted types of the grill in the market. These grills are lightweight and easy-to-carry. You can take this kitchen appliance along with you to different outdoor locations. Nothing is more romantic in preparing scrumptious dishes in the outskirt of the town.

Essential steps to pick the finest gas grill [User Buying Guide]

  • The budget: It would very confusing to purchase an item without fixing the budget. When purchasing the best small gas grill, you need to confirm the amount you are willing to pay. This would help you find the right product in no time.
  • The feature: After fixing your budget, look for the appropriate griddle that features all the specifications you are looking for. If you purchase a flat grill that features no useful characteristics, then you can do nothing but regret the purchase.
  • Purpose: Have you already fixed your preferred features? Then now it is time for you to mention the purpose. For what reason you want to buy a grill? If you want a griddle for outdoor purposes, then go for a lightweight appliance.
  • The brand: Well, the brand is important. You should always buy gas grills from reliable brands such as Blackstone. From the unknown brand, there is a chance for you to receive inferior quality material.
  • Reliable online store: While making a purchase, make sure you are undergoing a purchase from the best online store to skip unwanted hazards.


1.  How to choose the best gas grill?

To choose the best small gas grill, you need to realize the pros and cons of the available products. Through this process, you will be able to filter your search to a great extent. After that, select the propane grills that match your requirement. In the end, pay for the one that fits your pocket.

2.  Small or large which gas grill should you buy?

To answer this question, you need to fix your motive. If you are buying a gas grill for traveling purposes, then a small kitchen appliance would be fine. But if you want to buy a grill station for your backyard to prepare breakfast, then a large grill can be considered.

3.  How long should a grilling station serve?

In the case of inferior quality material, it won’t last more than three years. But if you are buying the best grilling machine, then you can expect it to last for 6 to 10 years.

4.  How to choose the best brand for a grill?

To choose the best brand you need to do some research. You can go through online customer reviews or else, you can ask your friends and family for some suggestions.

5.  Why buy a charcoal grill?

Undoubtedly charcoal grills involve the hazard of adding charcoal. But the food prepared from charcoal heating tastes far better than the normal natural gas grills.

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